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Casefile Presents: Matty

Casefile Presents: Matty

Update: 2022-09-194


When 20-year-old Matthew Leveson failed to return home after a night out clubbing in Sydney, his loved ones were worried sick. Matty was a trustworthy, warm, and caring young man who adored his friends and family, not the type of person who would just take off without a word. Suspicion soon fell on Matt’s partner, 45-year-old Michael Atkins, after it was revealed that the pair were fighting on the night of Matt’s disappearance. But was that unfortunate timing, or did Atkins have something to hide?

Matty is the latest podcast from Casefile Presents, a 10-part series narrated by Loren O’Keeffe from the Missing Persons Advocacy Network. Join Loren as she documents the decade-long struggle faced by Matt’s parents, Mark and Faye, who refused to give up on their son. We go behind the headlines for an exclusive insight into how the investigation unfolded, exploring the failures of law enforcement, and the ongoing obstacles faced by the Levesons. At the heart of it all lies the question: how far would you go to bring your loved one home?

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Martha Morrison

Why did you cave in to the exclusivity trap? I HATE it when a program is "only available" on one channel! I choose not to listen on Spotify. Options are limited without paying. I will pay the podcasters, through Patreon, but podcasts should be available wherever people choose to listen.

Sep 24th
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Casefile Presents: Matty

Casefile Presents: Matty

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