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Cellulite: New Advanced Treatments - 820

Cellulite: New Advanced Treatments - 820

Update: 2022-04-11


Today, Chalene talks about something every woman has — cellulitis. 98% of respondents to her Instagram poll confirmed they, too, had some form of cellulite.

While she has done a couple of episodes previously on this topic, this episode is dedicated to treatments that improve the appearance of cellulite. How to make better decisions (and avoid the dumb stuff sold on the market), what you can do naturally on your own, interesting new advances (that actually work) recently approved by the FDA.

Chalene hopes to shed some light on all the products/treatments you may have spent a small fortune on — lotions, potions, injections, lasers, Fascia Blasting. As always, the goal of this episode is to empower you with knowledge so you can make a more informed decision.


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Cellulite: New Advanced Treatments - 820

Cellulite: New Advanced Treatments - 820

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