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Celtic Studies at DIAS & the Ní hAnsae Podcast

Celtic Studies at DIAS & the Ní hAnsae Podcast

Update: 2021-06-15


In this episode, Nina Cnockaert-Guillou talks to Dr Nike Stam, an O'Donovan Scholar at the School of Celtic Studies of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies (DIAS). They discuss Celtic Studies, the Dublin Institute, Dr Stam's research, and the podcast she created called Ní hAnsae or 'not difficult' in Old Irish. 

What we mentioned in this episode [links also available at]:

Utrecht University, Celtic Languages and Cultures (

School of Celtic Studies at DIAS (

O’Donovan Scholarship (applications open, deadline 5 July) (

Irish Script on Screen Project (ISOS) (

Bibliography of Irish Linguistics and Literature (BILL) (

Glór archive (

Celtic Studies Bookshop ( 

Stam, Nike. A Typology of Code-Switching in the Commentary to the Félire Óengusso. Utrecht, 2017.

Dorleijn, Margreet, and Jacomine Nortier. “Code-Switching and the Internet.” In The Cambridge Handbook of Linguistic Code-Switching, edited by Barbara Bullock and Almeida Jacqueline Toribio, 127–141. Cambridge, 2009.

More info on the Félire Óengusso (élire_Óengusso). Have a look at the manuscripts on ISOS or on Digital Bodleian ( 

Further reading: Horst, ter, Tom. Codeswitching in the Irish-Latin Leabhar Breac: Mediaeval Homiletic Culture. LOT 452. Utrecht, 2017.

Newsletter of the School of Celtic Studies (sign up at

Ní hAnsae Podcast ( Production team: Christina Cleary, Margaret Irons, Nike Stam. Technical support: Andrew McCarthy.

Multilingual MSS Conference:

The conference is over, sadly, but proceedings will be published! In the meantime, you can listen to the special Ní hAnsae episode here:

Dr Stam’s new project:

Sebba, Mark. Spelling and Society: The Culture and Politics of Orthography around the World. Cambridge, 2007.

"Lomax the Songhunter" documentary (

Mabinogi-Ogi (Stwnsh) (

Episode in English, recorded in April 2021.

Host: Nina Cnockaert-Guillou

Guest: Nike Stam

Music: “Kesh Jig, Leitrim Fancy” by Sláinte, CC BY-SA 3.0 US (, available from









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Celtic Studies at DIAS & the Ní hAnsae Podcast

Celtic Studies at DIAS & the Ní hAnsae Podcast

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