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Chad Dorsey - Technology in STEM Learning

Chad Dorsey - Technology in STEM Learning

Update: 2021-03-02


Technology in education has gained a tremendous role during the time of the pandemic. From kindergarten through college, technology is being used to connect us, provide access to a variety of resources, and most importantly to empower students by engaging them in active learning experiences. The latter requires rethinking more transactional ways of teaching and recognizing the potential of technology to put students into the center of learning.

Reference(s) mentioned in this episode:
Dorsey, C. (2020). Perspective: Is Remote Learning a Panacea for the Pandemic? The Concord Consortium.

Chad Dorsey is President and CEO of the Concord Consortium. Chad’s professional experience ranges across the fields of science, education, and technology. Prior to joining the Concord Consortium, Chad led teacher professional development workshops as a member of the Maine Mathematics and Science Alliance. There he developed technology-embedded assessments, analyzed Web-based phenomena and representations for an online library, and co-authored an NSTA Press book of science formative assessment probes. Chad has also taught science in classrooms from middle schools through college and has guided educational reform efforts at the district-wide and whole-school levels. While earning his B.A. in physics at St. Olaf College and his M.A. in physics at the University of Oregon, Chad conducted experimental fluid mechanics research, built software models of Antarctic ice streams, and dragged a radar sled by hand across South Cascade Glacier. He first met computers when his family hooked an Apple II to their fancy new color TV set, and he’s been a shameless geek ever since.









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Chad Dorsey - Technology in STEM Learning

Chad Dorsey - Technology in STEM Learning

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