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Chalene Johnson Mindset Determines the Outcome

Chalene Johnson Mindset Determines the Outcome

Update: 2019-04-29


New York Times Best Selling Author of Push, Chalene Johnson is a lifestyle and business expert, motivational speaker, and podcast host. She and Bret, her husband of over twenty years, are the founders of the SmartLife movement. Today, with her husband, Chalene runs a fun loving, collaborative team focused on helping others live a healthier, more simplified life through their online academies, membership sites, and live, sold-out seminars.

Chalene, with the help of top dietitians, doctors, researchers and experts, she founded the 131 Method and new Book - a nutritional program that’s turning the diet industry upside down. She hosts two top ranked podcasts, “The Chalene Show” and “Build Your Tribe” with over 1 millions monthly downloads, Huffington Post recognized Chalene as one of the “Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs to Watch.”

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Show Transcribed

Donnie Boivin: Alright guys, it’s gonna be another killer episode, i'm really looking forward - I know that a lot of you have been asking for me to get her on the podcast so I'm really excited To bring on Chalene Johnson to the show and let her tell us her story. I’m Donnie Boivin and this is Success Champions. Miss Chalene, welcome to the show my dear please tell us your story.

Chalene Johnson: Well thank you so much for having me. Where do I begin right?

Donnie Boivin: You know, you like long walks on the beach and…

(both laugh)

Chalene Johnson: Well I think probably much like you, most people know me from fitness. So I've had three number 1 fitness infomercials; the infomercial that’s on TV right now called PiYo. That’s the number 1 fitness infomercial, actually this week it was the number 1 infomercial over all categories.

Donnie Boivin: Oh wow, good for you.

Chalene Johnson: It was the number 1 infomercial in 2017...

Donnie Boivin: Is that the whole, “but wait there’s more” thing?

Chalene Johnson: Totally.

Donnie Boivin: Alright, cool.

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, i'm a student of those things. And I hosted it myself and filmed it myself on my iPhone.

Donnie Boivin: Right now that’s killer, well done!

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, thanks. Well the interesting story about it is, to kind of take listeners back for a little bit which is why I kind of said it’s odd to me that people know me from fitness... that’s just where i'm known, if you will but it’s not who I am. It's certainly not what I expected to have success. I've been a serial entrepreneur all my life.

My first business, I started doing at age 15 informally. Flipping cars like buying used cars and fixing them up and having them painted and then reselling them and making enough money to be able to pay my way through college.

While I was in college at Michigan State this turned out into a more legitimised business if you will and I rented a lot of land from the state of Michigan and I held these big; I guess you could call them almost fares where on a Saturday private owners would come in, they’d park their vehicles and they would be the sales person for their own vehicle and then private people who wanted to buy from a private individual would come to the lot as well and I used to take a cut on both ends and that was called the Michigan Auto Swap.

Donnie Boivin: Fantastic. I gotta ask, so you were flipping cars to get through college?

Chalene Johnson: Yes!

Donnie Boivin: That had to be a hell of a pick up line at a bar, right? Or at a party or anything… living on flipping cars

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, you know and we talked a little bit about my mindset before we started and that was my mindset was always like, “Ok, so this is the problem, I should solve this problem.“ And the beautiful thing about solving a problem is that it usually solves a problem for a lot of other people and then that becomes a business

Donnie Boivin: Yeah

Chalene Johnson: And so for me, being a 18 year old petite and 5’2 blonde girl living in Michigan, mof my transactions were in Detroit. So I would drive down there, you know by myself with a purse full of cash to look at a title in some strange dude’s apartment in like the worst part of Detroit, it just wasn’t safe. It wasn’t convenient, it was a hassle, people make an appointment to see your vehicle and then they cancel. They show up and they’re shady.

So for me it was like a convenience, like I can do this all in one day. I can look at a tonne of vehicles and this would be a convenience to the buyers who were also trying to get directions to go see someone’s vehicle. We didn't have cell phones then so we were solving a problem at the time and that kind of led to my each and every business after that.

I was like ok, everyone in my family is obese on both sides or overweight I should say, struggle with their weight and I don't want to be that and they all diet. So dieting must NOT be the solution, i'm going to exercise. But I hate exercise? So I started creating these really cool, kind of funky workouts that took music and sound effects, and hip hop, and taekwondo and I kind of blended them all together and solved my problem and eventually, it solved a lot of other people’s problems.

But I didn't get into that because I was an expert in fitness, or in nutrition, or diet or kinesiology. I got into it because I was solving my problem.

Donnie Boivin: That’s awesome, you got a Billy Blanks Taebo back in the day kind of vibe… with the punching, kicking and everything else workout so…

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, totally. And I really tried to capitalise to be honest, on that craze because it was at the time the number 1 fitness craze. I developed a program for health clubs called Turbo Kick, this is in 1999. And eventually I started teaching other fitness instructors how to teach this format, we grew to have certified over 60 000 fitness instructors. In I don’t know how many countries.

Eventually that caught on to major health clubs, now all the major health clubs all around the world and at the time because Turbo was such a huge cultural success, all the infomercial companies were looking for the next program that didn't require equipment...

Donnie Boivin: Right, right.

Chalene Johnson: it was just timing and business savvy and we just started getting phone calls from infomercial companies that were interested in bringing what I was doing for fitness clubs and wanted to bring that to consumers.

Donnie Boivin: Well thank you for number 1, not bringing another piece of equipment in the house that people are hanging their clothes on. You know so, you should know people buy all that crap and it ends up in some corner of the house and so, that’s awesome,

So you literally go from hustling cars, flipping cars - excuse me

Chalene Johnson: I know, I was hustling.

Donnie Boivin: Right, right. To developing a huge swap meeting for cars, to a fitness craze then to slowly I understand building an empire…

Chalene Johnson: Well you know, it’s always just taken on it’s normal progression if you will, except that I think it’s important to say that because I never intended to be in fitness and I always attributed my success not to my knowledge on fitness but my knowledge of business so I always felt really insecure around “the fitness industry”.

I kept thinking they were going to call me and ask for my credential and so I got certified by I don’t know, probably like 20 different organisations because I wanted to over qualify.

I was so insecure about the fact that I didn't belong there and then there came a point where I had so much success where people knew me for fitness, that I was defensive and angry about it because I was like, “it's not who I am…’ i'm here to because I understand people and I understand solving problems and there’s a point at which I became resentful and also uncomfortable with the fact that, that’s what I was known for

Donnie Boivin: Yeah, that’s interesting because I find this quite often with entrepreneurs is that they get this natural gnat of constantly creating something, doing something, they’re always fiddling, what's the next thing, what's moving forward but they always seem to get slammed in some success from niche, right? That’s a lot of what the brand becomes. It's an interesting conundrum

So you didn't start flipping cars until you were 18...

Chalene Johnson: No, I started at like 15.

Donnie Boivin: Okay, alright - younger. Where does the entrepreneurial bug come from? I'm always curious about where people start getting the end of the game. Was it a lemonade stand, was it the mowing lawns, was it selling girl scout cookies and or was there a moment where you were like ok, I got to start making money?

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, I don’t know about you i've interviewed 100s of entrepreneurs and I often find that they were either raised by an entrepreneur or influenced by someone; someone’s father was an entrepreneur. For me that was, and I know your story is a little bit late if i'm not mistaken...

Donnie Boivin: Yeah, yeah it is. I'm a late bloomer, it took me ‘til forty so… (laughs)

Chalene Johnson: ...that’s awesome. For me it was being raised by my father; my mom and dad. My father was an entrepreneur and a really positive money mindset so the people out there listening who have children… things he never said, they never said like, “Money doesn't grow on trees”; “We can't afford that.” My parents would say well, if that's what you want that's exciting. Let’s put together a plan and you can figure out a way to earn that and once you earn it you can decide if that's what you want to spend your money on

And so it never crossed my mind that my parents must buy me a car, or buy me clothes or anything. From the time I was about in 6th grade I didn't ask for even lunch money, maybe out of a sense of guilt? I just believed that oh, whatever it is I want, I can figure out a way to be resourceful; to rake lawns, to flip cars, to do whatever... work at my dad’s store to make my own money and find a way. It was always a “find a way” kind of attitude and even when I said I wanted to go to college at that point. I neither knew I’d decide to go to college, we certainly didn't have the money for it and so it was just not a big deal.

My dad said this is a great idea, let's figure out a way for you to make more money. And it was his idea to take the money I’d saved and go to the state auction and buy a used vehicle and flip it.

Donnie Boivin: Oh that's amazing, I think a lot of parents… I dont have kids so, but being around my nieces, nephews and a lot of other kids I often see that the kids are a direct reflection of their parent right? So if the parents have money problems like you said, the kids are a direct reflection, you know? So it’s pretty powerful that your parents instilled that sense of, “if you need it go get it”, “if you need it done figure it out.”

Chalene Johnson: It certainly created problems for me later in terms of being a workaholic and in a very serious sense like, nearly destroyed my marriage and me emotionally because having gone through some dark times, with that I was able to break the belief; the false belief that I didn't have value or purpose unless I was making people money. That's what I was known for, so if I had a failure it meant I personally was a failure and that I'd let people down and you know, you have to have a lot of failure to have success and that was hard to take.

Donnie Boivin: You know what’s is interesting is I think a lot of people who have the entrepreneurial bug or they have this entrepreneurial business owner vibe, they go for the stuff right? Meaning they go through the accolades, the “atta boys” of people going you're awesome, you're amazing or they go for the over the top cars, houses, mansions... you know something along the lines of that, why do you think that is?

Chalene Johnson: Can I tell you what like really bugs me?

Donnie Boivin: What’s that?

Chalene Johnson: I think and maybe you can answer this for me ‘cause I notice a lot of male entrepreneurs do this, they have 5 Lamborghinis in their driveway and they’re like walking onto their private plane... I'm sorry but it looks douchey to me like I just don't get that but I know this couple that do that, and they’re not like that right? Do you know what I mean?

Donnie Boivin: It comes from the locker room right, so you’re in the locker room with all the guys hanging out; it's the flexing the muscle; if I look like a badass then I'm a badass nobody's gonna mess with type thing? Prison yard, if you’re the baddest dude in town nobody's gonna mess with you and so ok when you get accolades and you get the success that most people don't, so people are like oh that dudes got it

Chalene Johnson: I always think, oh they’re renting those...

Donnie Boivin: A lot of them are and a lot of it’s coming out nowadays, B&B mansions and all the jet and the other BS is coming with it which is cool to see

Chalene Johnson: But no judgement I mean I for sure had my thing and I think it comes from a sense of inadequacy and so I needed to prove to people that I was of value, I needed to create value for them and it wasn’t the money for me and I would give it away. It was me being to be the top salesperson, it was me being able to pay for things for other people; or to give them to give them sales or to do well for others... the money was like a scorecard and where I felt like I was scoring I didn't realise until later, was my worth

Donnie Boivin: The accolades was a way you felt by making other people feel good or whatever else along that journey. Why do you think it went that direction vs the stuff?

Chalene Johnson: Oh I know why because I figured when I went to therapy, for me my parents when I was in like I think maybe 4th or 5th grade my father was a liquidator so what he did was go into bankruptcy court and buyout businesses that were on the brink of disaster or maybe there losing 30 locations and he would liquidate the assets.

It was in Detroit, it was cutthroat it wasn't the most I guess upscale people that he was dealing with, it was kinda shady and I remember they got their big - my parents got their big deal ever... they got this chain or a bunch of locations in a chain were closing, they purchased the assets and all of the assets were in a warehouse and he spent his last dime to make this deal happen and someone set fire to the building and they didn't have the assets.

So my dad in an effort to teach me about money I remember him bringing me into his office and closing the door and having me sit down in his big leather office chair and he said to me that this is your bank book, it was my little blue bank book and he said I'm gonna teach you today how your money make you money. So you know that your mom and I have had this fire we're gonna be ok, we're gonna be ok but what I'd like to do with your permission is borrow your money and we’re gonna do is pay you back more. I know that was a lesson in interest but when you're like in 4th and 5th grade that felt like I was responsible right now for my parents…

Donnie Boivin: Right

Chalene Johnson: And felt a little bit like a hero and a lot of pressure, a lot of weight but because there was so much like praise and recognition and I was the oldest child. I was the child they went to and borrowed her money so it just installed in me a false belief, it wasn't at all his intentions, his intentions were positive.

You know how people, children again interpret things and that's how I interpreted it and I held on to that message unknowingly until, my addiction to work just nearly killed me. I was sleeping like 3-4 hrs a night because there is always more to do, it was always great and I was always you know, because the more you do the more opportunities are for failure and that failure was so personal so I just never ever stopped trying to - as you said Donnie come up with that and tinker with that next new thing

Donnie Boivin: And I question people who are like serial entrepreneurs that continue to go for it, my question is why do they have to continue to push themselves to the brink of finding rock bottom before they start making the change?

Chalene Johnson: Well, they don't really don't know you and I used to think like this is something everyone has to go through because you're right I have heard many people’s stories where they get to that point and then they realise that ok it doesn’t have to be this way, that's another way to do it and I learnt from someone who was a workaholic.

I have taught my children both you have their own businesses the right way and to see them succeed and have the success that they’ve had and balance and they know how to outsource, they know how to use additional help, and they know what it means to be out of balance. So I think it's just there's no school really fit for entrepreneurs you can't say business school really is a place to learn anything about business

Donnie Boivin: Well I don't think you can teach entrepreneurs, I think you can tell somebody that you can start a business, go get punched in the face and then you can learn. You can teach them finance and everything else but it takes the individual person, in my opinion I mean everything I thought of what an entrepreneur meant prior to being one was absolutely wrong. Then launching my own business, it wasn’t until I started blowing s*** up and things started breaking and chaos ensued where it was, ok I gotta figure the s*** out.

Chalene Johnson: So the only way you can actually teach somebody to be an entrepreneur, I don't know… I’ve met with lots of young people who are at the beginning stages of starting a business and have been able to teach them the things I wish I'd known that would have helped me to avoid that bottomless pit. Yeah obviously my kids have been raised in it so I was really conscientious of the messaging that we were sending to them, how we talked about business and a person's value and their identity; which has lead me to the piece of my entrepreneurial life, my professional life that I'm not as well known for is the lifestyles which is way more than selling a bajillion, tens of millions of DVDs cut

People know you, it’s really small cut like you don't get rich from doing really TV but everybody knows you. You know me from fitness but what's really made our lifestyle possible and what really fulfills me is the businesses that we started back in the mid-2000s where we were teaching people how to be smart entrepreneurs and have smart success and not stressed success. And there is a methodology to teaching that and it really starts with the mindset and understanding that if you have your foundational pieces and you understand the significance and importance of growing your dream, by growing your team and how to start like how do you hire the first person for 5 hours a week, who is that person, how you hire them and how do you help people adopt that mindset before they even need the person

Before making money and so I do believe it's possible and it is my wish that people - because a lot of people are turning into entrepreneurs today. Amazon makes it possible, Shopify, so many marketplace websites have made it easy for someone to jump in with an idea, grab a domain name for 9 dollars, start a business tonight and start making passive income online. My objective is I want help people to understand that there's a right way and a really stressed out, needless way to do it.

Donnie Boivin: Well and I love that and it’s truly cool to hear you put it in that regard because I'm constantly telling people look, if you want to build a business go punch yourself in the face 20 times and then start.


Chalene Johnson: That’s your way.

Donnie Boivin: Because look, no matter what you’re gonna take a licking you’re gonna screw something up. It's a matter of in the words of my favourite quote my fans are gonna laugh because I say this quote all the damn time. Rocky Balboa, “It's not about how hard you can hit but how hard you can take a hit and keep moving forward.” And I think maybe that's more my point of trying to teach somebody that takes that hit and keep ploughing forward.

In society we’re brought up, most people are you know... what everybody else thinks about them is what matters most in their in life. Turning off that noise or like gremlin you hear is tough for people to really really really do. Most people don't have that tenacity and grit to keep pushing forward when life stacks up against them so, good on you for creating a safe environment for people to fail and have encouragement around them you know to keep moving forward with what they want

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, and steps right? Like so it's it's helpful to have, like they say success leaves clues and actually will leave a blueprint for you. Most successful people will tell you exactly what they did wrong and what they did right and you should listen to them. Take into consideration of course the time because when your mentor or the person who you admire when they built their business if it was it was even 5 years ago - listen to the things they have to say when you hear entrepreneurs say this is what I wish I would have done differently, listen because that's a pretty big clue.

Donnie Boivin: Well a buddy of mine, Wally Carmichael runs the Man Of Abundance podcast, one of the favourite things he ever said to me he goes, “Don't listen to the guys like Gary Vee now, go listen to what he did 10 years ago as he was building his empire... listen. I’m glad you’re running slightly opposite on the spectrum to him

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, i’ve had him on my show and went head-to-head.

Donnie Boivin: I'm sure because he's gonna put people in an early grave, so you know I mean there's 17…

Chalene Johnson: I know, you know there’s some females doing that too now...

Donnie Boivin: Well I'll work on getting them on the show so I can battle them as well because I'm on your team girl because I own a farm.Thursday afternoons at noon, days done I'm home working on the farm. That was just a plan before I start my business, that we built this life for the two of us. Oh now that doesn't say that we haven't had our struggles along the way figuring stuff out but we winning the game today not being the workaholic, you can find a cool life without killing yourself along the way

Chalene Johnson: Yeah

Donnie Boivin: So I'm really more interested in the business side of things so what are all the businesses you actually have?

Chalene Johnson: Oh that's an interesting question, it's multiple streams of income it slowly evolve... sometimes I fear triggering that people to need to do more when I share with people like all the different streams of income that we had so I want to preface it by saying it's something that we built piece by piece, one piece at a time...

Donnie Boivin: Can I say one thing in there really quick?

Chalene Johnson: Sure

Donnie Boivin: Guys, get it right before you start the second one

Chalene Johnson: That's right.

Donnie Boivin: Go ahead, go ahead…

Chalene Johnson: For sure. And then give it time too so that you can really get it right and tweak it and fix it and then enjoy it and then once it starts to become a little more of passive… passive income, little less work and you are intrigued by another area - I never go eating because of real money makers.

It’s this is what I'm passionate about and my husband I'm fortunate enough that he loves that I get geeked up and obsessed with things and that's right when he just sets up orange cones so no one gets hurt along the way but if you're really, really passionate about something… Someone said to me the other day like you're always reinventing yourself and I didn’t reinvent myself at all but I fell in my passion

Donnie Boivin: I would say you’re evolving. Becoming a better version of yourself...

Chalene Johnson: We always are and I don't worry about how does this fit with my brand, it's just this is what i’m obsessed with right now. So we sold our fitness businesses to the fitness giants Beachbody, I don't know like, years ago but I still partner with them Beachbody on consumer projects...

Donnie Boivin: Smart, on their part

Chalene Johnson: Haha, thank you. And so then addition to that my husband and I have served thousands and thousands of entrepreneurs, now hundreds of thousands through a couple of different courses one is called the Marketing Impact Academy and it’s an all online basically virtual mentorship program we teach people how to go from idea to making money and giving them that financial freedom, like the freedom of their schedule and teaching them that blueprint because most people do it in all the wrong ways.

We teach them to start with their brand, and then to build the platform and then how to really drive sales in every way whether it’s paid ads, video infomercial, Facebook, Instagram and social you name it. There's a formula that people feel like they're serving and not selling and that's probably been and it has been our bread and butter that has been a great joy for us, it's been so fun.

Teaching people and giving people that freedom and then aside from that I’ve written a couple of books, one’s a New York Times bestseller and coming out on April 16 that all about how to get healthy and happy and confident from the inside out using nutrition; it's a book it's designed to help people lose weight but to lose weight and keep it off the right way because weight-loss shouldn't be so difficult and I got thrust into that industry kind of by accident.

I just got caught up in the diet and fitness culture, something I didn't know much about but I like I start that book off with an apology because I really didn't take the depth of my responsibility as seriously as I should have. I've just regurgitated what everybody else was saying without ever asking if there’s really science around this? Is it really good for us? Should we be doing this?

My own health suffered in that industry and I watch so many other people suffer from things like orthorexia and just depleting their body fat so low that they were experiencing amenorrhea and just and never feeling good enough and of course we know what everyone's always known that 95% diets don't work. But it does work, right? So when we say that but that's well then why is everyone around on a diet?

Well everyone’s on a diet because it does work but if you are you finding success by weight loss and ignoring the fact that everyone gains it back so I went to discover by working with a scientist is if there’s a way to master your metabolism so that you can be healthy and you can be at the way you’re supposed to be but not be a slave to food and fitness and not feel like certain things have to be ruled out forever. It was part of a process that I had to go through and I was so passionate about it like I said to my husband this is direction we're going in now because I have an obligation, a responsibility to get this right

Donnie Boivin: And I love the rawness behind the starting of with the apology, what I truly respect about that is I think a lot of people go and they're doing the Lamborghini, they’re doing the big houses,they are saying look how awesome I am - you just said you started off let me tell you how I screwed it all up.

That's beautiful because I'm excited I have a book fiction finally coming out that i’ve been working on and I think it’s going to be shock for the people that know me cause I'm actually walking through how I always thought I was a whole lot more successful than I was and I'm breaking down you know the self sabotaging and you know, how I was trying to put myself on a pedestal and all that's all but, I love that starting out that way because I think you're going to impact some more lives by saying hey you see me as this, let me show you how I really am

Chalene Johnson: Yes I tell the story about how on one of the the infomercial, I found you know along the way I'm making a few enemies because I'm telling the dirty dark secrets behind the fitness industry but we have to because you see those people on Instagram myself included, and you go #goals I want that body but to get into the state that like for example that I was at my absolute leanest… which I had a producer call my husband and say hey for this next series it would really help sales if she could get extra lean and at that point my body fat was already so low that I wasn't getting my period and I was already working out two and a half hours a day and barely eating any food

Donnie Boivin: So disgusting, I mean... sorry it's f****** nuts, why?

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, yeah... and because I wasn't telling anyone this and I didn't have to do this I could have to turn down the project so I take responsibility there I didn't have to do it but because I was like yeah I don't wanna get kicked out of this club I want this opportunity I'll just exercise more - 4 hours isn't that bad. I‘ll eat less and I literally if I eat I'm ashamed like I have shame around what I was eating which is virtually nothing and so bad, so processed and disgusting just barely sustaining on any food in order to drop without those extra pounds in the most unhealthy way and then here I am such a hypocrite, smiling in the video saying, “you guys just 30 mins a day,’ bulls***.

That wasn't true and it wasn’t that I was lying to the consumer, I wanna be clear about that I write this in the book ,131 method. It believed what I was saying, I just didn't believe it was ever going to be possible for me because I believed I was broken, I was floored, that I destroyed my metabolism. What I didn't realise until later on, was that all of us were doing that. Nobody could do that and in 30 minutes a day and eating tons of food every 2 hours... nobody was doing that and it wasn't until I had my own health scare with my brain health.

I had a brain scan at the Amen Clinics and they ran a nutrition panel on there, a hormone panel and they said I got a failing grade. So I'm on TV about these number 1 fitness programs, I have millions of people doing my programs and following what I'm saying and my health is getting a failing score. What have I done? What have I done to myself and what have I done to other people by being negligent and not listening to my own intuition, not doing some research.

Why are we telling people this? Is it founded, do we know? Is this the right thing to do or I was just trying to sell things? I literally on that day just walked away mentally, I didn't tell anyone I was just like I'm not gonna do this to my kids. I've done this to myself and I've got to figure this out

Donnie Boivin: That's awesome you know, and I hope people are hearing this because I think nowadays a lot of people are regurgitating all the things they are hearing on social media. There's so much out right now and so people are giving advice to some other guru who’s just got whatever jackass method going on, so they’re regurgitating it versus going through it and see if it f****** works.

Chalene Johnson: Amen. Another thing is, you and I both talked about entrepreneurs that are selling that “drive yourself into the ground” mentality, you've got to look at their whole life. I was saying when you pick a mentor look at all the areas of their lives. If they're on their fifth marriage, they’ve never been to one of of their kids’ events, they might have all the things but it's pretty clear they’re a tortured individual. Running from something, they have to be on a plane, they have to tell you how things are doing, have to tell you about their accolades, they have to flex, there's a reason why. Don't get caught up in that because it will not bring you happiness

Donnie Boivin: I think what you said, to watch the entire story because just because you watched one video; that’s not a story. Go watch a couple and go see and you'll see after the guy does a 1 minute walk in front of the Lamborghini and the next minute in front of a crowd and he's not that machismo, “over the top” guy is the biggest one that I see. The newest trend that I'm starting to see is a fake cry

Chalene Johnson: I haven't seen too much of that yet, looking forward to it


Chalene Johnson: When we are done, can you tell me who to go watch?

Donnie Boivin: Yeah, absolutely. It's just funny because of the content nation screaming together content content content, they're not wrong. You need to put out a ton of content out but you need to put out a real story. The one thing I do like about Gary Vee that he does say is, document your life. That’s the thing right now, take people on a journey with you, I struggle with a lot of the other stuff...

Chalene Johnson: You know, listen when I had him on my show, we both respect him obviously. But what I heard - if I can break him down like I'm his therapist, I met a guy who didn't get his dad's attention in his formative years... his dad was working.

Donnie Boivin: And you hear it, he's like his dad drug him into it and here we go again breaking down Gary Vee, his dad drug him into the liquor store and that kind of stuff you know? It's funny to listen to those guys talk because he always says he won the lottery with his parents and I sometimes wonder when he says that phrase is he trying to convince himself or us?

Chalene Johnson: Oh, yeah… or is he trying to convince his own son?

Donnie Boivin: Right, right? So you gotta look at that all the way through, it's just to see where - it's funny I have a group on Facebook and my family's in there and I got a bunch of smartass brothers, my dad I mean everybody in my family. If you don't have thick skin you just don't walk around the family

Chalene Johnson: Perfect

Donnie Boivin: And when I first joined the group and we were hanging out I thought, oh snap everybody's gonna meet the family. How is that gonna represent my brand as I'm out there in the marketplace and now... people are feeding my family ammunition to bust my chops even more so like the whole family is in it for the ride, which is a lot of fun. I think you do for people who will look at how people are treating the marketplace, how they talk about their family, how they're talking about the things they are doing, it's gonna paint a picture of their life and their journey along.

Chalene Johnson: And not everyone has that a perfect family situation and that's ok too but I just think that Donnie I think mainly what we both saying is, you gotta be authentic and if you try to copy someone else's formula in terms of what their life looks like, now what you gonna do is rent up a bunch of white Lamborghinis, now what you gonna do stand in front of somebody else’s yacht, that's just gonna blow up in your face and I think we're getting to a place where we”re too savvy for it

What does concern me, two areas that I just realised right now on this podcast that we are ok with these areas being addictive. Like if you have a gambling addiction, that's a bad thing. If you have a drug addiction, that's a bad thing. But if you are addicted to exercise, or if you’re addicted to health, or addicted to business; those things we commend and we celebrate.

We celebrate the ultra fit, we celebrate the ultra successful, but at the end of the day if you are doing it because you can't be present in your real life whatever it is - whether it's, you're addicted to running or you're addicted to business if it's something that you are doing to distract you from being present - it's an addiction and as damaging as an addiction to opioid, gambling or anything else... they can still destroy marriages

At the end of the day what makes us happy is not money or things, it's people.

Donnie Boivin: Yeah, you know it's funny to hear you say that. My most downloaded episode i’ve ever done is called, “You can't run away from you.” And I just tell my story of me growing up and when times and life got tough I moved and went somewhere else, I went to join the Marine Corps, I went up to Saint Louis you know all the way through and it was because it was my form of escapism. Everytime it got tough i got the f*** out. And I think everybody kind of has that escapism outlet, and for some people like you're saying it's business. Having a healthy love of business and growing and creating those worlds is a lovely thing - as long as you doing it as you said, not escape from something else.

Chalene Johnson: Keeping ourselves in check...

Donnie Boivin: Yeah, absolutely. It's gonna be fun someday sharing the stage with you by the way

Chalene Johnson: (laughs) Well thank you. Yeah, I hope you like to dance

Donnie Boivin: Well you know I'm a traditional country white dude, so if you'd seen the movie Hitch - this is my move, that's all I got

Chalene Johnson: Okay, perfect

Donnie Boivin: And if my wife even saw me do that much, she would be laughing right now because she knows how bad of a dancer I am.

So where is this journey taking you? You've got all kinds of cool things going on, you had a bad ass journey and I love the self discovery that has happened too much power in you sharing that real side of your story for some of the listeners that are going through the same... So where is this taking you?

Donnie Boivin: For me it’s about helping people to be healthy and health is not just fitness and nutrition, it is taking a look at every part of your lifestyle and figuring out how you can improve it because then you improve that, you improve your confidence and it makes people around you happy and that's really what this 131 method, what this book is about.

Helping people understand how you become an expert of yourself. You have to become aware, you have to become aware of what you’re running from, what you’re putting in your body, how it’s affecting you, looking long term at how do you live, how do you want to show up for your kids? What kind of energy do you want to have? Do you want to be held hostage by your job? By the food that you are no longer supposed to eat or somebody else's food rules? Do you want to be held hostage by a body or how you feel about your body/? Do you want to have optimal health?

That is how we improve our confidence. When we improve our confidence we treat other people better, we take more risks, we bounce back quicker, we have a resilience and it just trickles down to other people in our lives and it's those relationships that make us healthy and make us happy. So me at the moment it's trying to deliver a kind of whole person approach to being healthy and happy.

Donnie Boivin: I love it, I have two theories I I wanna run by you quick. The first one, I don't think anyone has a confidence issue. Bear with me one second, I think they have an experience issue. I think that a lot of times people are afraid to do X, whatever X is. It's like riding a bike for the first time you might fall and skin your knees but you get back on the bike and you ride. And once you are able to ride a bike, you have all the confidence in the world. So I think most times people are not lacking in confidence, they are lacking in experience of that thing they don't feel confident in.

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, so if I'm hearing you correctly you're saying at the root cause - if you’re trying to fix your confidence, build evidence file of more experience so you know oh wow I survived it and I’m better for it so therefore I have more confidence in myself

Donnie Boivin: Love that word; evidence file. That’s cool. I love that.

The second one is not mine and I'll give the accolades to whoever said it, they said this phrase quit listening to yourself and start talking to yourself. It was an interesting context for me because I know my self-talk growing up wasn’t always positive, not always pushing in the right to regard, it was constantly I'm not good enough.

People don't always verbalize that but through the years as I started changing the story and changing the dialogue. Like when I watch my business, kept saying that I'm not a good business owner, I don't know how to do all this. So that became a self-fulfilling prophecy on a regular basis, I wasn't good enough

Chalene Johnson: Right!

Donnie Boivin: But once I started saying I'm a business owner, I run a top of the world podcast you know, all of that… things started dramatically changing. So I love this new thought process of quit listening to yourself, start talking to yourself

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, I mean you know mindset determines the outcome, If you believe something is going to fail, it will. If you believe you were meant to be overweight, uncomfortable, not attractive, you will. But if you also believe that it's possible, if you just give yourself permission to believe and see that it's possible then things start to change. Making those tiny shifts in our mindset and anybody can change their mindset, anyone can change their beliefs. The beautiful thing is you weren't born with these beliefs, you developed them. So you can develop new beliefs and improve your mindset

Donnie Boivin: I love that and I love that you said mindset because I hate the phrase If you think it, you can become it and here’s why: I told this to a friend once upon a time, and he goes look my brother is 6’6 and his 400 lbs, he's never gonna be a jockey I don't care how many times he wants to be a jockey. So it's not how you can become anything you want to be, it’s you can change your mindset about anything you want to change your mindset about, which is huge.

Chalene Johnson: Yeah, for sure

Donnie Boivin: Well this has been an absolute blast, I have really enjoyed this.

Chalene Johnson: Thank you! You too, I actually don't mind I appreciate it

Donnie Boivin: So here's how I like to wrap up every episode - before we do that how does everybody find you? I know you got tons of fans all over the world but how does everybody find you real quick?

Chalene Johnson: They can go to or Instagram, it's probably where i’m the most active - i’m Chalene Johnson

Donnie Boivin: Awesome, beautiful. So here's how I like to wrap up every episode, If you could leave the champions who listen to this show, with a quote; a phrase; a mantra; a saying something they can take with them on a journey, especially when they’re stacked up against it, going through… what would be that quote or phrase you would say, remember this?

Chalene Johnson: Your track record thus far is 100%, so you gotta believe in yourself. You’ve survived everything else up ‘til this point; you’ll survive this too.

Donnie Boivin: I love that, that's a first I haven't heard that one before. Well done

Chalene Johnson: Well thanks!

Donnie Boivin: So, darling thank you so much for coming on this show. What an absolute pleasure.

Chalene Johnson: Absolutely, thank you so much Donnie the pleasure is mine, getting to know you and I appreciate the opportunity to get to talk to you, spend some time talking to you and get to know your people

Donnie Boivin: Absolutely!









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Chalene Johnson Mindset Determines the Outcome

Chalene Johnson Mindset Determines the Outcome

Donnie Boivin