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Changes Ahead for ESG Disclosure

Changes Ahead for ESG Disclosure

Update: 2021-05-25


With billions of dollars flowing into ESG investment products, changes are afoot for ESG disclosure best practices and reporting regulations.  Maggie Peloso, partner at the law firm of Vinson & Elkins, shares her insights on numerous reporting challenges companies large and small are trying to tackle, including data management (10:20 ) and determining materiality (16:01 ). Maggie also outlines how companies can prepare to meet the evolving expectations of investors and changing demands of regulators (25:38 ).

We also have a bit of fun as Maggie, a proud Duke grad, shares stories from her days among the Cameron Crazies and names her 5 favorite Blue Devil players (43:30 ).

In this episode's PodBrief (49:30 ), the topic turns to a key piece of information that is missing from all the news about the greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets being touted by various countries -- including the US and the Biden administration.

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Maggie Peloso's book

Adapting to Rising Sea Levels: Legal Challenges and Opportunities

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Changes Ahead for ESG Disclosure

Changes Ahead for ESG Disclosure

Maggie Peloso