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Changing The Way You View Fitness w/ Simone Tchouke

Changing The Way You View Fitness w/ Simone Tchouke

Update: 2020-08-18


Simone Tchouke, AKA Simone Loves Fitness, is on a mission to make movement a joyful experience in your life. After moving to the US at age 15, Simone was on a path of biochemistry before her passion for fitness became stronger than ever. Now a fitness trainer dedicated to making movement accessible, Simone is here today to share her story and why working out isn’t all about how you look.

Working Out Shouldn't Be Expensive, Intimidating or Alienating

Movement practices can improve your mood, decrease your stress, give you more restful sleep and so much more. Instead of working out for the sole purpose of looking a certain way, Simone wants you to dismiss traditional exercise culture and start using movement as a way to feel better about yourself. By focusing on what you like, picking exercises that benefit you not only physically but also mentally, and giving others permission to change their ways of thinking, Simone is creating accessible fitness for all.

Simone believes that working out shouldn’t be expensive, intimidating, or alienating. Living proof that whatever you have is enough to get started, Simone’s infectious energy and amazing story is one that everyone will be able to relate too. Your body is enough, and Simone is prepared to meet you where you are so that you can start to enjoy the power of your body. 

Are you open to changing your relationship to fitness and health? Share how Simone’s inclusive and individualized approach has inspired you to rethink your connection to movement in the comments on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Learn about the actual benefits of working out aside from just losing weight (9:30 )
  • Tips for truly getting hooked on exercise and finding your ‘why’ (12:05 )
  • Why fitness is not a ‘one size fits all’ space, even when it comes to trainers (20:20 )
  • Advice for people who want to make the most out of the workout space they have without feeling self-conscious (24:30 )
  • Which movement Simone never wants to do and which one she could do every day (30:23 )



“People always associate working out with wanting to lose weight, and my goal as a trainer is to help people move because they are going to feel better, you are going to feel happy, you are going to sleep better, you are going to feel lighter in your movement. So I really help them see the reason besides wanting to lose weight why you should want to work out.” (10:35 )

“I think people will stay with you because of how you make them feel. So if you make them feel good and you give them what they need but also what they want, they will stick around and they will keep being active.” (14:20 )

“I started to realize that it is not really one size fits all. And not everyone is out to be the next Serena Williams or the next Michael Phelps. You have to meet people where they are, and you have to be flexible.” (20:42 )

“People are always going to say something. Whether they like you or don’t like you or they wish they could do what you are doing, people are always going to say something. But if you truly know why you are doing it for yourself, I think you should be okay.” (25:34 )

“We are in the same boat, and that is fine. Just because I didn’t work out for 2 weeks or 1 month, doesn’t mean that I am not worthy. I am still worthy, you are still worthy, and we are going to try again tomorrow!” (29:39 )



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Changing The Way You View Fitness w/ Simone Tchouke

Changing The Way You View Fitness w/ Simone Tchouke

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