DiscoverThe Unmasked PodcastChapter 2: When It All Falls Down Pt. 2
Chapter 2: When It All Falls Down Pt. 2

Chapter 2: When It All Falls Down Pt. 2

Update: 2024-04-08


Listen to Unmasked AGAIN, only this time with key insights and conversations with the show creators, Kenyon and Taccara Martin! Tune in at the end of each episode to join the conversation!

After a devastating blow to her career, Kenya continues processing it all with her therapist. Things seem to be looking up (as much as they can be) until she receives a mysterious phone call from someone that has the power to knock Kenya 10 steps backwards. 

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Season One Cast:

Taccara Martin as Kenya

Kenyon Martin as Dr. KAM

Oluwatobi Oladipo as “Daddy” 

Tangi Green as Dr. Mikari Rose (The Therapist)

Themba Robin as Obi Okafor

Felicia Dunn as Jordan Thompson

Brian Dives as Jaxon Hart

Rachel Murphy as Cynthia from HR and Guest Caller One

Bobby Gaglini as Ryan

Dane Scott as Ian

Lenora Woods as Mimi

Audio Production and Sound Design by Taccara Martin.









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Chapter 2: When It All Falls Down Pt. 2

Chapter 2: When It All Falls Down Pt. 2

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