DiscoverDarkest NightChapter 30: The Final Sacrifice
Chapter 30: The Final Sacrifice

Chapter 30: The Final Sacrifice

Update: 2018-11-2811


In this episode, Project Cyclops takes us to The Final Sacrifice.

Cast List:

Narrator - Keith David
Katie Reed - Brynn Langford
Agent Han Ziggler - Denis O'Hare
Matt - Richie Cottrell
Emily - Mary Malloy
Dylan - Zach Crowley
Chris - Ryan Moore
Leigh - Tiffany Sheppis
David - Paul Scheer
Gina - Constance Zimmer
Kathy - Missi Pyle
Todd - Jason Mewes
Lexi - Callie Schuttera
Catherine - Jasmine St. Claire
Clinton Lobdow - David Cummings
Eugene Roth - Dan Harmon
Hannah - Lolli Sorenson
Dr. Maria Alvarado - Mae Aswell
Woman in Green/Savannah Roth - Kim DeJesus
Vivian Lobdow - Callie Schuttera
Written by Alex Aldea and CK Walker.

Directed by Alex Aldea 

Edited by Victor Figueroa and Alex Aldea

Music composed by Andrew Joslyn and Alex Aldea.
Live Strings by Andrew Joselyn

Foley and Sound Design: Victor Figueroa
This episode is sponsored by Empty Faces.
Comments (8)

Nathan Glass

ima need them to make more realistic sound effects like record actual foot stomps or chomp some meat or hit something with a hammer these sound effects are very off putting and generic

Oct 3rd

Jack Crow

Loved it.

Jun 7th

Ivan Brooks

Looking back, this was released on my birthday, neat-o! I was a little disheartened with the ending, but, the title says it all. I can only hope there's somehow more.

Jun 6th

matt brown

I followed but it was no where near the last two seasons. very disappointed ☹️. Especially after how good the first two where. why not continue from where u left off instead of trying to take it to a silly place and then bring it back around? loved the first two so I'll be there if there is another. Everyone has a bad day. hopefully next season will get back to the awesomeness of the first two seasons.

Jan 15th

Isaiah Opatz

This season was most definitely the weakest and most bizarre for the show. Even for Darkest Night, this season was waaaay out there. Too ridiculous, too sporadic, with very very thin string holding the story together. Not sure I'll be back for a 4th season if they decide on doing another. But, I'm still a fan and it wasn't terrible, just not on par with the previous two seasons.

Dec 30th

Ashley Renée

yooooo, I couldn't follow this.

Dec 15th

John Moore

Was the acting this season terrible? Yeah. Was the storyline really confusing? Yeah. Am I angry that they brought in the legendary Keith David to narrate the worst season? Yeah. Am I gonna stop listening? Probably not. Is it because there are way worse podcasts out there? Maybe.

Dec 7th
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Chapter 30: The Final Sacrifice

Chapter 30: The Final Sacrifice

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