DiscoverThe Unmasked PodcastChapter 6: Back 2 Bad*ssery
Chapter 6: Back 2 Bad*ssery

Chapter 6: Back 2 Bad*ssery

Update: 2024-05-06


"Back 2 Bad*ssery", highlights Kenya's journey of resilience, as well as her delusions that she has about hear healing journey. She has made it so far in life by BADASSING her way through her problems, but what happens when her usual methods of coping no longer work for her?

The Unmasked Fiction podcast champions personal growth and self-love, offering a potent mix of inspiration and empowerment for listeners on their own paths to self-actualization.

We hope you allow these stories to fuel your own personal journey!

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Season One Cast:

Taccara Martin as Kenya

Kenyon Martin as Dr. KAM

Oluwatobi Oladipo as “Daddy” 

Tangi Green as Dr. Mikari Rose (The Therapist)

Themba Robin as Obi Okafor

Felicia Dunn as Jordan Thompson

Brian Dives as Jaxon Hart

Rachel Murphy as Cynthia from HR and Guest Caller One

Bobby Gaglini as Ryan

Lenora Woods as Mimi

And Dane Scott as Ian

Audio Production by Taccara Martin

Music from Epidemic Sound and ⁠⁠⁠⁠.


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Chapter 6: Back 2 Bad*ssery

Chapter 6: Back 2 Bad*ssery

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