Chasing the 9s

Chasing the 9s

Update: 2023-03-09


This week Adam talks with Marcin Kurc about chasing the 9s. Marcin is the Co-founder and CEO of Nobl9 where they build tools for managing service level objectives, aka SLOs. We also talk about service level agreements (SLAs), service level indicators (SLIs), error budgets, and monitoring, and how it all comes together to help teams align on goals, improve customer satisfaction, manage risks, increase transparency, and of course, a favorite around here…continuous improvement. Kaizen! This is an awesome deep dive into the world of chasing those 9s, and how teams are levering SLOs to earn the trust of their customers as well showcase transparency.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00 ) - This week on The Changelog
(01:12 ) - Sponsor: Square
(02:05 ) - Start the show!
(06:39 ) - SLAs vs SLOs
(09:02 ) - Finding this gap?
(13:25 ) - How do you create an SLA?
(16:21 ) - SLAs and incidents
(22:27 ) - SLOs before Nobl9?
(26:22 ) - SLOs are about transparency
(35:37 ) - What's the dream with Nobl9?
(39:17 ) - From 0 to 1 with SLOs
(42:33 ) - What's the maturity of the market?
(44:35 ) - OK, what's an SLI?
(45:12 ) - How would you rate yourself?
(49:29 ) - What keeps you up a night?
(51:16 ) - What's over the horizon?
(51:59 ) - Closing out the show
(52:54 ) - Outro

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Chasing the 9s

Chasing the 9s

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