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China's great science leap

China's great science leap

Update: 2021-09-271


President Xi Jinping is investing seriously into his strategic vision of turning China into a nation of scientific pace-setters. China’s past contributions to modern-science have been proportionally lacklustre, but with a reinvigorated focus over the past two decades, China is fast turning from imitator to innovator. What might this increasing scientific prowess mean for the future of China’s development as well for the international scientific community?

Whereas once many Chinese scientists chose to go abroad to further their careers, presenter Dr Kevin Fong hears how the government has sought to lure its brightest researchers back and what that means for both scientific collaborations and the culture of science in China and the UK. As scientific research relies on transparent information sharing, what are the challenges of collaborating with an authoritarian regime?

In this second episode Kevin explores China’s booming space programme and quantum advancements; from a newly built space station to the launch of the world's first quantum satellite.

Kevin speaks to Professor Jian-Wei Pan, a scientist whose illustrious career is a list of quantum firsts and hears how China is fast making inroads into quantum computing and communications. We imagine what a quantum future - with China at the forefront - might look like and whether this potentially game-changing technology will be developed in a collaborative or competitive spirit.

Image: Wenchang Space Launch Centre in China's Hainan province, Credit: Photo by STR/AFP/Getty Images
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Granny InSanDiego

It is so ironic to hear the Brits, whose stumbling, bumbling redrawing of the map of the middle east which led to the horrors of the racist cult state of Israel, the horrors which the Palestinians, whose land they stole, have endured, to the Iraq wars, the blundering machinations of the British clone which is the imperial US with its 750 military bases around the world, its massive military budget, and its training and arming of bin Laden which morphed into al queda, 9-11, and then to their humiliating defeat and chaotic retreat from Afghanistan. To hear the Brits fret over China which seeks only to protect itself against the historic aggression of the Brits, the US and now Australia is truly rich in irony. The total self absorption, self serving nature of these wanton warlords while at the same time their total lack of self awareness is mind boggling and worrisome.

Oct 8th
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Trevor Racerx Hudson

like releasing a viruses on the world?

Sep 27th








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China's great science leap

China's great science leap

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