Chinese New year with Nigel

Chinese New year with Nigel

Update: 2021-02-11


In this Episode we meet Nigel a New Comer to The Psychic Today family, Nigel pops in to discuss the Chinese New Year with the Podcast, there's more about Nigel below, taken fron the psychic today website, which can be found here......

About Nigel

I am a friendly and open  natural psychic with 8 years of reading experience. I will use my  Oracle cards to tune into any questions that you may have, however I can  also work without tools/freehand and with my guides for extra insight.  I'm also a writer; I like to write for film and TV and I am currently  working on a project of short ghost stories. I currently live in  shanghai, China and learning to speak Chinese; after 5-years, its slow  progressing. As they say in Chinese 加油  (Jiāyóu, come on!)   The psychic world has always been around me. When I was very young, I  could pick up on other people’s energy. My great-grandma use to read tea  leaves and could give psychic readings from them- this has followed  through my family. I started giving friends and family readings in my  early 30s, until then, I didn’t speak much about it. Shortly after that,  I started having private clients; It was only a few people and always  remained a hobby. A few years later, I started doing more and more, and  had a particularly good friend train me in tarot card readings and I  progressed from there.  I would describe my readings as calm, uplifting and enlightening; a  place where anyone can feel comfortable and trust the reader. If you are  nervous or worried, I like to calm your mind first so both of us can  enjoy the experience together.  I look forward to guiding you.

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Chinese New year with Nigel

Chinese New year with Nigel

Host Paul Miles