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ChooseFI Interview

ChooseFI Interview

Update: 2019-09-091


#214: It’s September! If you’ve been listening to the show for the past few months, then you know that I’m on what I’ve dubbed my September Sabbatical, in which I’m taking a break from podcast production and traveling the globe.

In light of that, we’re digging through the archives and airing some of my favorite interviews on the show, in between airing interviews I’ve done on other podcasts.

I’m super excited to share an interview I did with Brad and Jonathan of ChooseFI back in December 2018. It was fun to have the tables turned, and Brad and Jonathan left no stone unturned in their interview with me.

If you ever wanted to know my origin story, including where my love for travel comes from, where my desire for freedom came from, and how I combined both, then give this interview a listen.

We talk about everything from:

  • How travel wasn’t a big part of my life until college
  • How I prefer to travel
  • Why the idea of mini-retirements is so important
  • Making the transition from freelancing to having my own business and giving up that business in favor of focusing on Afford Anything
  • Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • Overcoming and working with a scarcity mindset
  • What financial independence means to me
  • The importance of self-care

Brad and Jonathan are two of the most thorough interviewers I’ve ever recorded with, and this interview was a lot of fun. If you want to learn more about them, I returned the favor by interviewing them on this show on this episode

Thanks to Brad and Jonathan and ChooseFI for giving us permission to air this interview!

P.S. - We’ll return to our regular podcast production schedule in October!

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ChooseFI Interview

ChooseFI Interview

Jonathan Mendonza, Brad Barrett, Paula Pant