DiscoverPodcast Your Scene - Throwdown!Christmas Special w/ Christina PARS547
Christmas Special w/ Christina PARS547

Christmas Special w/ Christina PARS547

Update: 2020-12-25


Bill as sad Kris Kringle after Klaus outlaws toys...

Episode 547 is a different kind of animal. In this episode, Christina, of the Shadow Event, interviews Bill. You get to learn some things about the show and Bill that you probably never knew. The episode also features all unsigned Christmas music.

Featuring Music from: Bill Duff, Amber-Alexis, Rockabilly Junction, Chip & the Charge Ups, Corners of Sanctuary, & the Stevie J. Band.

What's your favorite Christmas movie

What's your favorite Christmas memory

Do you ever wanna go on a Christmas strike like the movies Christmas with the Kranks and Four Christmases?

Italian - 7 fish dinner and Dominick the donkey

What made you want to start doing podcasts and when?

Have you ever been in a band or ever wanted to?

Do you ever get nervous doing an episode?

What would you love to see build the scene and pa rock show achieve more than it already has?

What made you want to become a teacher and what is your craziest teacher story to tell?

If you could start over in a career, what would it be?

If you were a cartoon character, who would you be?

If you could have any national music act on your show, who would you have. - what would your questions be?

In regards to the pandemic, and the music scene specifically, do you think there is still hope?

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Christmas Special w/ Christina PARS547

Christmas Special w/ Christina PARS547

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