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Circular Economy Villages

Circular Economy Villages

Update: 2020-10-16


In this episode I speak with skilled planners and strategic engineers, Nilmini De Silva and Steven Liaros,  who have more than 25 years local government and consulting experience.  They share their vision of pioneering "Circular Economy Villages" (CEVs) in Australia . A CEV lowers living costs, covering the basic needs of residents, including water, food, energy and shelter. CEVs also integrate sustainable and innovative ideas and infrastructure, reinventing how 'residents and entrepreneurs'  live and work together.

The couple have spent the past few years travelling Australia in their motor home and connecting with communities and councils to get important feedback that will inform their vision of sustainable, affordable and connected living.

In this interview they share:

  • what their research findings on CEVs are, including anecdotal and academic research from Steven's PHD
  • which local councils support the idea and are interested in developing it further e.g. Bellingen Council
  • what the master plan of a CEV could look and how it might work
  • how CEVs save on commute time
  • what shared community amenities will be available, such as electric vehicles, entertainment rooms, pool, gyms etc
  • how shared spaces like community gardens and meeting places create connection and enhance mental health
  • what E changers are
  • how CEVs offer nomads a home and a place in a community for as long as they want.

For more information about CEVs and Nilmini and Steven's vision, visit the links below.

Want to learn more click on the following links:

Link to Fifth Estate Article: Circular economy village Life: Pipedream or solution to all our woes

Social Media & Websites:

FB Page: Circular Economy Villages

Publication on Medium: Ecoliving Journeys 

Web: Beautility Developments 

 Steven’s PhD: Circular Economy Villages: Local Nodes in a Globally Networked City 

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Circular Economy Villages

Circular Economy Villages

Hosted by Jeremy Melder