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Claudia Romo Edelman on Reaching ALL Humans

Claudia Romo Edelman on Reaching ALL Humans

Update: 2023-12-12


Did you know being “Hispanic” is not a thing in Europe? Just ask Claudia Romo Edelman.
While living in many countries -- as a Head of Public Relations for the World Economic Forum, to a Marketing Professor in Geneva -- she was simply Mexican, no different from how her friends from Venezuela or Guatemala were identified by their own nationalities. Then, Edelman moved to the U.S. and got a new label – "Hispanic" or "Latina." She's embraced the description with the same spirit she welcomes any respectful nod to her heritage. For her, it's all about just making sure she and the LatinX community are part of a broader, more inclusive narrative. In fact, all humans should be respected equally – in society and in marketing. So, she founded “We Are All Human” to advocate for diversity and inclusion.
In an incredibly insightful conversation Edelman, we discussed her remarkable journey – from growing up with a professional basketball player-turned economist-turned actor mom (talk about a role model!) to her own impressive path from Special Advisor at the UN to “Founder/Factivist”....
An Empowering Hispanic Star
Edelman’s experience gives her a unique perspective on brand purpose, which she eloquently shared during our discussion. One of many fascinating parts of our conversation was about her involvement insuch influential pro-social campaigns such as Product Red and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). She described the significance of these initiatives then what sparked her commitment to elevating the perception of the Hispanic community by founding  "We Are All Human" – and supporting the "Hispanic Star" initiative -- which aims to unify and empower the Hispanic community.

Edelman addressing the Hispanic Marketing Summit held at the UN 12/23

"Purpose-led branding is not just a trend; it's a necessity for survival in today’s market."
"Understanding the Hispanic community goes beyond language; it’s about respecting and investing in their culture and values."

You’ll learn about the importance of addressing systemic barriers such as education, health, and job opportunities. Her insights into the challenges and opportunities within the Hispanic community were eye-opening but should be of particular interest for brands. Especially given some of the stats she shared about the power of the Hispanic US population as a “factivist!” (Per her book, "Hispanic Stars Rising", "We are the engine of the U.S. economy. Responsible for 2.6 trillion dollars of GDP, which puts us among the top ten GDPs in the world. Our purchasing power is $1.9 trillion. We are entrepreneurial — 86% of all new businesses launched in the past 10 years were started by Hispanics.")
Authentic Engagement with the Hispanic Community:
Edelman emphasized the importance of understanding and respecting cultural nuances. A significant part of our dialogue centered around how brands can authentically engage with the Hispanic population. A genuine investment in community initiatives, rather than superficial marketing tactics, is key to connecting with this demographic. Listen for more of these insights along with some of her personal stories that added an intimate touch to our discussion.
Memorable Moments:
[00:03:00 ] Meet Claudia Romo Edelman... where she lived around the world and why she now lives in a gymnasium!

[00:04:11 ] Background on Claudia’s role in global campaigns – from Project Red to UN Sustainable Development Goals

[00:07:33 ] Discussion on and definition of brand purpose

[00:11:52 ] The mission and vision behind the creation of non-profit foundation, "We Are All Human"

[00:16:43 ] The significance and development of the Hispanic S

tar initiative and its symbolism

[00:20:48 ] Claudia’s motivation – past, present and future

[00:25:54 ] Comparing podcast plans and the thru line of Hispanic executive women featured on the podcast "A La Latina"

[00:33:00 ] Using 'factivism' in targeting Latino communities








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Claudia Romo Edelman on Reaching ALL Humans

Claudia Romo Edelman on Reaching ALL Humans

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