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Cleansing The Air With THE SOAPGIRLS

Cleansing The Air With THE SOAPGIRLS

Update: 2022-06-14


French born South African based sisters Noemie Debray ("Mie") (guitar, vocals) and Camille Debray ("Mille") (bass guitar, vocals) are better known by their band name The Soapgirls.
With a fantastic back story behind the name (listen to the interview to find out), The Soapgirls are a breath of fresh air on the music scene, with their carefree and liberal approach to music adding layers of fun and enjoyment seldom seen in the modern music world.
The highly talented sisters have released four studio albums since 2011 and are on the verge of album number four, In My Skin, which will be released on June 18.
Their music has taken The Soapgirls all over the world, but it is their dedication to their craft and explosive live performances that have seen the duo become more than another passing musical fad and elevated them into a realm where anything is possible should you have the desire and fortitude to reach out for it.
The two girls sat down with HEAVY for a highly entertaining and fun interview which often veered off into tangents of varying degrees, with each sister often finishing off the other one’s sentences in a kind of telepathic connection that transcribes to their music.
We started by asking what to expect from In My Skin musically.
"It's very different to any of the other albums we've done before,” Mille began, “which obviously is a good thing because some people tend to stick with a sound, but we've gone very diverse. We've both always mixed our love of different genres together, so this album is no different in that regard, but..."
"It's also because with every album you experience new things,” Mie took over, “and how you react to them maybe is different as you grow in life. I would say it's probably our most personal album and also there's a lot of maybe heavier songs on there."
"And a lot of melancholy songs, which is good,” Mille added.
"It's great when you’re feeling suicidal mate,” Mie laughed with a damn fine rendition of the Australian accent, one of many hilarious moments that punctuate the chat.
In the full interview, the girls talk more about the songs on In My Skin, their sound and where it comes from, the importance of connection with your fans, the genesis of The Soapgirls and how it turned into what you hear today, their current tour and how it is going, what to expect from their live show, artistic freedom and the confusion that comes with it, future plans and more.








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Cleansing The Air With THE SOAPGIRLS

Cleansing The Air With THE SOAPGIRLS

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