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Climbing mountains - the serial entrepreneur

Climbing mountains - the serial entrepreneur

Update: 2020-09-15


Let’s be honest...somewhere along the lines there is a miscommunication when it comes to multiple streams of income. Honestly, we tend to find ourselves spending large amounts of time, energy, and money on things that only bring in trickles of revenue. It’s like climbing a mountain and only packing a happy meal.

Bruh...I don’t think you’re gonna make it!

Here is some wisdom from someone that been through enough to write a book...or 15. Determine what you are an expert at. Don’t get me wrong, everyone may have a hustle that they can fall back on during a rainy day but don’t get stuck in the side hustle mentality.

The side hustle mentality is dangerous because we tend to give more energy to something that brings in a few dollars than something that could bring us in thousands. It happens often and there are even some coaches who praise the side hustle lifestyle. So you must ask yourself if you want to be considered the expert or the hustler.

When you are the expert you are in love with what you speak about or with what you do. It oozes out of you and anytime someone hears your name they ultimately know what you do. It makes it easy for people to refer you and works in your favor when networking.

Altovise’s gems:
~ Tap into your area of expertise and you cut down on the stress
~ Hustling has its place in entrepreneurship but when you find yourself overly exhausted...take notice and adjust
~ Even if there are others doing what you do, they are not you.
~ Find the message in your experiences and use it

Your success depends on YOU! Show up like the boss you are!








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Climbing mountains - the serial entrepreneur

Climbing mountains - the serial entrepreneur

Altovise Pelzer