Closure | 6

Closure | 6

Update: 2018-09-25480


Michelle Shughart has her work cut out for her, since no doctor has ever been prosecuted for crimes committed while practicing medicine. His patient’s lives would never be the same, but what would what would be the fate of Dr. Duntsch? The people in Dallas struggle to understand what drove him to do such horrible things. And what happens if the system faces another “Dr. Death.” 

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Comments (41)

Britney Lee Elizabeth Smith

Good lord. Glad I live in Canada 🇨🇦

Nov 7th

Lee Lee Cherry

That last guy at the end, one of his patients that says he has empathy toward Dr Duntsch regardless of the fact he ruined his life is incredible...takes a pretty remarkable person to not harbor anger and resentment - bless you Mr

Aug 6th
Reply (1)

Nancy Loomis

I guess I read the answer to this somewhere, but what happened between med school, where they said he performed well (didn't they?) and the first documented botched surgery? No one goes from A to Z without anything in between. Did someone in this story mention (among many other known & possible contributing factors) that he may have had a brain tumor?

Aug 5th
Reply (2)

Tina Tova

Ahh Texas! I got screwed myself by medical care in Tyler! A spine hospital that herds people in like cattle ! Charles R. Gordon MD made up a fake procedure and nothing was fixed but I was charged for a microdiscectomy! His PR lady "Facebook page monitor" actually called me because I left a bad review and tried to expose him on social media,only to be told "Don't you EVER post negative feedback about Dr Gordon! I attempted to go the legal recourse on this one , only to be told it'll never happen in Texas!

Apr 7th
Reply (2)

Susan Petersen-Harbert

1 qwq

Feb 2nd

Ebeth K

I can't remember who said it but they said lawyers do not take malpractice suits. We have a law firm here that is huge and they had commercials stating they would take any malpractice suit, no matter how big or small. I called them because a hospital misdiagnosed my mom and ended up costing her her life. They said that wasn't true and they couldn't take the case. A friend of mine was a lawyer for another hospital and said malpractice suits are not worth it. The hospitals always have more money. He didn't last there long but it just made me so mad that they wouldn't even hear our case.

Dec 4th

Sifu Natalie Kravetz

Here's the thing - if they fired him, that's one lawsuit. If he injures and/or kills people, that's multiple lawsuits. So, they put the professional life of a psychopath above even their own financial well being. If this isn't the absolute pinnacle of white male privilege, I don't know what is.

Nov 1st
Reply (3)

Alex Brablec

Such a crazy , bizarre ordeal. Head scratching that it went on for so long.

Oct 31st

Alex Kerkstra

dallas medical center still hired unsafe doctors afterwards. I worked with them. we filed numerous times to get them looked into and nothing happened even after she had been fired from literally all the other hospitals in the metroplex. thank God the labor and delivery closed or she would still be here practicing.

Oct 25th
Reply (2)


fuck rick perry

Oct 23rd
Reply (2)

Daniel Goode

to l

Oct 22nd

Juan C. Rodríguez V.

creepy & really good

Oct 9th

Caoimhe Nic Aodha


Oct 2nd

Caoimhe Nic Aodha


Oct 2nd

Brisaidy Soria

Dirty John

Oct 2nd

Julianne Davis

Loved the podcast. My only complaint is that the commercials scattered throughout each episode are very obnoxious and take away from the story. Otherwise, great worK!

Sep 26th
Reply (4)

Dan Carr


Sep 26th

Patrick McIntosh

Lol they try to scare us.. My moms a head nurse at UCSF this shit will never happen again, and only happened because this dudes school gave him a free pass for his contributions to their stem cell research

Sep 25th
Reply (2)

Eve Lloyd

Fantastic series!

Sep 25th


He should never get his license back..spend the rest of your life behind bars. Seems like he doesn't care about anyone but himself.

Sep 25th
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Closure | 6

Closure | 6