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Coaching: Values + Money = POWER

Coaching: Values + Money = POWER

Update: 2021-09-16


We talk a lot about investing with our values on this podcast, as well as examining our own relationship to money. These are important steps to BEING in our money power as women.  We know also that we are much more likely to feel better about our relationship to money when it aligns with our values - and several of our previous guests have shared how we can do that when investing. 

Beyond our long-term investments, how about our daily spending habits? How might that actually connect to our money power? How does our relationship to money show up, and possibly get in the way, of other areas of our lives too?

We are taking a fresh angle today on our money conversations through the lens of a master coach.  Our guest, Sharna Fey, has been coaching executive leaders, corporations and individuals for the past 25+ years and she shares how money conversations consistently show up in almost all of her coaching work - if not front and center - always seemingly just below the surface. And she also offers her techniques and tools for coaching folks to align their values with their money choices. 

“We use values in coaching. Like how you live into your values. We say that if you're living and honoring your values, you're living a resonant or fulfilled life. And so often money comes up in there, like how [and] what we spend our money on. What we spend money on is often what we're valuing some way.”  - Sharna Fey

My conversation with Sharna got me reflecting on my own values too, so we did something different this episode. We turned the tables in the second half of our conversation, and Sharna interviews and coaches me about my values and the OUR MONEY POWER origin story!

I’m Kristin Hayden, and that is what is coming up on OUR MONEY POWER.









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Coaching: Values + Money = POWER

Coaching: Values + Money = POWER

Kristin Hayden