DiscoverThe Rewind Movie PodcastCocktail (1988) - Episode 35
Cocktail (1988) - Episode 35

Cocktail (1988) - Episode 35

Update: 2020-05-25


You wait till you've given them crabs. Then you'll REALLY know hatred. We’ve rummaged in the Bargain Bin and fished out the film that wreaked havoc on bar queue waiting times for decades hence: 1988’s bottle-tossing megasmash Cocktail.

Turbocharged, go-getting would-be millionaire Brian Flanagan (Tom Cruise) arrives in the Big Apple with big dreams, but finds the life lessons he learns behind the bar of TGI Friday from sozzled veteran Doug Coughlin (Bryan Brown) far more appealing than those he learns at business school, and soon his head is filled with Cocktails & Dreams as he and Coughlin set about trying to make their fortune out in Jamaica (mon) before opening their own place.

Heartbreak, bravado, ill-advised sex wagers and terribly portrayed women intervene, as the tonal shifts to follow will make you dizzier than an Alabama Slammer ever would. Join Gali, Devlin, Patrick & Matt down to Kokomo as they try and fathom why exactly this weird booze movie made SO MUCH MONEY.

OUTRO Song: T-Spoon - 'Sex on the Beach' (1997)

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Cocktail (1988) - Episode 35

Cocktail (1988) - Episode 35