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Code The Classics Volume 1 with Eben Upton

Code The Classics Volume 1 with Eben Upton

Update: 2020-07-10


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We sat with Eben Upton of the Raspberry Pi Foundation to talk about Code The Classics: Volume 1. This is a new book from the Raspberry Pi Press all about re-creating some of the classic games of the 80s and early 90s using the Python programming language. We also talked about retro gaming on the Raspberry Pi, some of the most interesting uses for them, and what I'm doing with the 4 (yes 4?!) Pis that I have in my house.

Jay also mention one of the silly games that I'd created a few years back called "Run Away!". It's quite silly, and has a simple concept: run away from the monster. Simple though it is, it's a little more complex to master. Check it out here: it's free to play and works on both mobile and computer web browsers.

Eben is a wonderful chap with a very silly sense of humour, he indulged Jay's need to talk about programming for a while, and we even convinced him to talk through the games that he's been playing recently. We're hoping to have him back on the show soon (perhaps for when Code The Classics Volume 2 comes out, but we'd love to chat with him some more before then too) to drop him off in the Thunder Plains and discuss a little more about his favourite games ever.

Only time will tell...

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Have you read Code The Classics: Volume 1? If so, what did you think to it? Have you got any Raspberry Pis in your house? How many, and what do you use them for? Also, did you try Jay's game out? What was your score, in the end?  Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, leave a comment on the show notes or try our brand new contact page.

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Code The Classics Volume 1 with Eben Upton

Code The Classics Volume 1 with Eben Upton

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