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Codependency & Your Period

Codependency & Your Period

Update: 2022-09-08


I have a theory.  If you're codependent (or a people pleaser, enabler or feel like you are used like a doormat) then it's likely you have a difficult period, hormonal issues or problems in your reproductive organs.  You might be thinking this is a strange thing for me to say.  I would have thought the same thing a few years ago. 

Here is why I think this.  Period problems (this is how I'm just going to lump all the stuff together) come from several sources, including stress and not taking care of yourself.  In fact, stress can cause a cascade of hormonal problems that end up effecting your period.  This is why, I just bet, if you're codependent that you have a period problem somewhere in your life. 

Did you know that a woman's period isn't supposed to be an emotional disaster, feel awful or like you want to run away from being a woman?  This is why I'm hosting a retreat on the topic.  Check it out below!

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This One day event is all about learning how to decode your menstrual cycle, and take back your life!  Specifically for women with issues with their period, feelings of exhaustion or reproductive issues.  We'll learn how to find out when you ovulate, which is actually the main event of your cycle!  You'll learn how to live with the seasons and the moon, as they both reflect the women's cycle as well.  It will change your life.  I know because it changed mine!  There is also an Exclusive After-Event Ticketed Dinner for a small group.  Be sure to check it all out and register here

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Codependency & Your Period

Codependency & Your Period

Vanessa Grace