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Coffee’s Cutting Edge: Innovations at Origin

Coffee’s Cutting Edge: Innovations at Origin

Update: 2022-06-281


Once upon a time, the simple pleasures of a homemade cup of coffee would have been limited to those in Ethiopia's cool, wet mountain forest regions. Today, a multi-billion dollar global industry means we can sip on an espresso virtually anywhere in the world. But what about coffee's future?

Scott, Jools and James embark on a mission into the unknown to each reveal an element of the magical and evolving world of coffee growing. The team (or most of them…) savour a specially brewed coffee alongside each story, all prepared on the Siemens EQ700 fully automatic espresso machine.

Scott talks genetics with World Coffee Research's Hanna Neuschwander as he takes us to the frontline of the battle to save coffee from climate change.

James enlists the help of coffee processing specialist and fellow podcaster Lucia Solis to decipher what the latest bamboozling terms on our coffee bags actually mean.

And Jools is joined by Jessy Luo as she whisks us away to one of the world's newest coffee-growing regions in a rather unexpected corner of the globe.

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Coffee’s Cutting Edge: Innovations at Origin

Coffee’s Cutting Edge: Innovations at Origin

Jools Walker, Scott Bentley, James Harper