DiscoverCoffee & GeographyCoffee & Geography S01E03 David Alcock (UK)
Coffee & Geography S01E03 David Alcock (UK)

Coffee & Geography S01E03 David Alcock (UK)

Update: 2021-06-19


Kit talks to David Alcock (he/him) over a cup of Morrisons Italian-Style Coffee, chatting about 'hopeful geography', world championship toe-wrestling, and University Challenge, amongst other things!

David is a teacher of Geography and PhD student living in Guiseley, UK. He says he is afflicted by FOMO, trying to keep lots of plates spinning: teaching, reading, writing, family life, orienteering and fitness. He has been inspired by people he has met, places he has been, and books he has read, to believe that the vast majority of humans are co-operative and that together, we have made great strides towards a better life. David believes humans can build on strengths to meet the huge, game-changing challenges of the Anthropocene, and would like to work with others in education and beyond to build on the ‘grounds for hope’.

Some links to things mentioned in the chat:
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Chat recorded 1st April 2021.

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Coffee & Geography S01E03 David Alcock (UK)

Coffee & Geography S01E03 David Alcock (UK)

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