DiscoverCoffee & GeographyCoffee & Geography S01E22 Emma, Nathan, Roanna & Tom (UK)
Coffee & Geography S01E22 Emma, Nathan, Roanna & Tom (UK)

Coffee & Geography S01E22 Emma, Nathan, Roanna & Tom (UK)

Update: 2021-10-30


Kit talks to a bunch of their ex-high school students catching up and reminiscing over a field trip to the USA, amongst other things!

Nathan is a 4th year medical student, interested in teaching, love getting outdoors and exploring, who gets an extra appreciation for the form of rivers and things when he looks down from up a mountain!

Tom is a postgraduate historian whose main areas of interest are early modern and modern Eastern Europe and the Middle East, particularly the nineteenth-century Balkans. If he’s being entirely honest with myself, one of the main things he does in his spare time is reading Wikipedia articles for hours on end.

Emma is an artist, dancer, walker, lover of planet earth and burritos. Her current research revolves around the question 'How can an embodied movement practice grow agency from despondency in relation to the climate crisis?'

Roanna is just a human, figuring things out as they go! Picks litter once a week and a member of the Beverley Town Handbell Ringers.

Some links to things mentioned in the chat:
- Tom’s EDP article -
- USA 2012 clips -
- Grand Prismatic Spring (
- Emma’s MFA Creative Practice “one in a trillion is all is everything is one” (
- Beverley Town Handbell Ringers (
- Fire in Bridger Canyon (
- Cat Zero Charity (
- Montana Grizzly Encounter (

The chat was recorded on 30th July 2021.

Emma's profile picture is courtesy of Spike Padley

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Coffee & Geography S01E22 Emma, Nathan, Roanna & Tom (UK)

Coffee & Geography S01E22 Emma, Nathan, Roanna & Tom (UK)

Kit Rackley (Geogramblings)