DiscoverCoffee & GeographyCoffee & Geography S01E25 White Raven Woman Candace Lloyd (Canada)
Coffee & Geography S01E25 White Raven Woman Candace Lloyd (Canada)

Coffee & Geography S01E25 White Raven Woman Candace Lloyd (Canada)

Update: 2021-11-20


Kit talks to White Raven Woman Candace Lloyd, chatting about medicinal teas, knowledge sharing and keeping, the ‘culture shock’ of supermarkets, the disconnect and reconnect with working with the land, amongst other things!

Candace is a Métis cultural advisor, speaker and educator focused on cultural awareness workshops, Truth and Reconciliation training and relationship building. Candace recognizes the power of bringing people together from all walks of life; building community is a time-honoured tradition of the Métis. Her goal is to find pathways to work together in the spirit of collaboration and harmony.

Some links to things mentioned in the chat:
- Rose hip (
- Muskeg (
- Native Land map (
- The Michif language (
- The Land Between (

Expand your Geography community by connecting with Candace via her website or on Twitter (

The chat was recorded on 28th August 2021 and is part of a special collaboration in the year of the IPCC 6th Assessment Climate Report and COP26 to help educate teachers, schools and beyond the importance of indigenous voices in the age of climate change. We’ve teamed up with:
• The ENV Cast by Mahnoor Qadir (
• Decolonising Geography (
• UEA Project Change (

To hear Candace participate in a panel discussion about climate change, listen to the episode of The ENV Cast released on (date & link TBC). For learning materials, check out the Decolonising Geography and Project Change websites as linked above. If you have any questions, please get in touch via

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Coffee & Geography S01E25 White Raven Woman Candace Lloyd (Canada)

Coffee & Geography S01E25 White Raven Woman Candace Lloyd (Canada)

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