DiscoverCoffee & GeographyCoffee & Geography S01E26 Eli Ramos (USA)
Coffee & Geography S01E26 Eli Ramos (USA)

Coffee & Geography S01E26 Eli Ramos (USA)

Update: 2021-11-27


Kit talks to Eli Ramos over a blueberry pomegranate tea, chatting about their Pinoy identity and how that intersects with gender diversity, how science, geography and music has influenced their writing, sci-comm, amongst other things!

Eli Ramos is a Pinoy scientist, creator, and journalist with an avid love for all things science fiction. They’re an award-winning writer, debater, and producer of podcasts like ‘Under the Electric Stars’ and ‘The Sound of Your Name’. When they’re not working on their many, many projects they put themselves up to, they write songs, look at bugs, and get emotional about everything.

Some links to things mentioned in the chat:
- Pinoy (
- Bakla (
- Trans Day of Visibility 2021 article for Decolonising Geography (
- Janelle Monáe: Dirty Computer (musical/album)
- My Chemical Romance: Danger Days (album)
- The Disappearing Language of Sparrows (changes in songbird communication in the Bay Area)
- Bert the Bunyip animatronic (

Expand your Geography community by connecting with Eli via Twitter (, and Aster Podcasting ( Check out their works and collaborations via

Also listen to Eli talk to Andy on 'The Great Derelict" podcast, a great geeky chat about Science Fiction from the past, and its views on the future -

The chat was recorded on 29th August 2021.

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Coffee & Geography S01E26 Eli Ramos (USA)

Coffee & Geography S01E26 Eli Ramos (USA)

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