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Cohousing with Trish Becker-Hafnor

Cohousing with Trish Becker-Hafnor

Update: 2021-02-10


Cohousing allows people to own their own units while consciously sharing common space, items, meals, and time together. It provides people with a sense of belonging, connection, and purpose while also meeting the needs of sustainability or regeneration by not taking up too much space, sharing resources, and building a tribe.

Intentional communities come in many shapes and sizes, cohousing is just one of them. Others include eco-villages, communal living, co-ops, and co-buying.

In the micro village Trish and her family are developing in Wheat Ridge, CO, they’re converting part of the existing built environment into a common house space that includes a community library and co-working space. Turing a building into something else that serves its highest and best use is part of the cohousing mindset. Values include shared space, using a little less square footage, and warm human connections. 

Cohousing is an exemplary model of regenerative real estate to purchase and is also a possibility to create on our own. Trish informs us that we’re all able to create our own eco-friendly cohousing community by simply meeting and building a connection with our neighbors, offering extra storage space for the neighbors to use, or offering our extra supplies to the community for use. 

Let us all consider creative ways to live together as we step into a future filled with deep and meaningful connections and resourceful habits. 

Podcast correction* In the podcast Trish asks if converted basements can also be considered an ADU, Accessory Dwelling Units. I thought it must be detached to be classified as an ADU. However, the correct answer is an ADU is any addition or remodel that creates a secondary living quarter within a single-family residential lot. This includes basement and garage conversions, as well as building an attached or detached unit to expand the livable space.

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Cohousing links:

I am a Realtor with eXp Realty, LLC in Denver. If you would like to take a tour to buy a cohousing unit with me as your agent please reach out! Madison Hopkins,

Aria in Denver, CO 

Aria website with units available. 

Micro Community forming in Wheat Ridge, CO 38th & Sheridan

Hearthstone in the Denver Highlands and FB page

Harmony Village in Golden, CO

Highline Crossing in Littleton, CO  and FB page

Wild Sage Cohousing in Boulder, CO


Want to find cohousing elsewhere? Check out “coho” Cohousing Association of America

Want to create your own intentional community like cohousing? Foundation for Intentional Community

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Cohousing with Trish Becker-Hafnor

Cohousing with Trish Becker-Hafnor

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