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Cold Pitching vs. Content Marketing

Cold Pitching vs. Content Marketing

Update: 2020-06-18


On today’s call, we chat with Mihai Zamfir who has done some incredible work in building a presentation design company.

Mihai gets a fair amount of new clients using sites like Upwork and other freelance marketplaces, but he’s ready to start finding better clients in more intentional ways. All of this leads us to an answer-rich coaching session all about short-term vs. long-term sales strategies. 

Cold-pitching vs. Content marketing. 

On the one hand, cold-pitching is hard and has notoriously bad conversion rates. On the other hand, content marketing is very time and labor intensive.

So what’s the right path for you? We’ll help you answer that question and many more in today’s episode.

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Cold Pitching vs. Content Marketing

Cold Pitching vs. Content Marketing

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