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Dennis recaps Whitley and Dylan’s alibis on the day of Christian's death, and recounts their movement the night prior. Christian’s uncle gives his account of what he saw at the apartment when he and Christian’s brother Josh checked out the scene.

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Comments (23)


What are the requirements to be a police officer?.....Obviously, it's not be be truthful or to find the real PERSON or persons who committed this awful murder.Ive heard of law enforcement doing this quite a bit.

Dec 24th
Reply (1)

Wes Miller

Those cops in these small towns just dont give a shit. And they never, ever admit to being wrong. These kind of stories make me sick. Christians Brother and Father need to find a way to make that Whitley girl talk. I'd be inclined to take the law in my own hands in this situation.

Aug 18th

Katie Blair McGinnis

This girl... why kill someone?! just break up with them.. why ruined so many lives...

Aug 6th
Reply (4)

Katie Blair McGinnis

dumb as shitttt... going to the bank to withdraw money?!

Aug 6th
Reply (1)


So she says she slept through the sound of a gunshot but woke up so easily to the guy saying that Christian "shot hisself". 🤔

Jul 29th
Reply (2)

ebony e

Whitley's probablt killed him and then Dillon had tried to help her cover it by placing the gun in Christians hands i think this is how the residue has been transferred.

Jul 29th


Did any neighbors hear a gun shot? 🕵🤷

Jul 18th
Reply (2)


She is guilty as fuck.

Jul 7th

lisa bradford

How do they know that Christian's time of death was 3:30?! I feel like they shot him much earlier, like when the kid Dylan went to the bank trying to get all of Christian's money. I feel like they tore that apartment up looking for some kind of pay day and when they realized there was none, then they called police. Episode 1 mentioned the house totally being trashed right?! mattress cut up, what the absolute fuck!!! HARD NO!

Jul 1st

Julie Gatesman

You mean to tell me she slept through a gunshot when he "shot himself"???? Please!!!!!! And having the phone and the keys didn't warrant more questions. Just wow. Also, how does Dylan know the names of 3 Best Buy employees??? I mean, I don't go looking at employees names when I go in the store.... unless I knew I'd need names- then I might look.. why wouldn't the police look at the video from BB???? Ugh, this is ridiculous.

Jul 1st
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