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Configuring the New Mac Pro, With Larry O’Connor

Configuring the New Mac Pro, With Larry O’Connor

Update: 2020-03-09


Host, Cirina Catania, catches up with OWC’s owner, Larry O’Connor, to get the inside, under the hood skinny on how to configure your order for a new Mac Pro from Apple.

It's an in-depth reveal of just about everything you need to know about the new Mac Pro and OWC's solutions for it.

How many cores should you order? What kind of graphics card? How much memory? Does it matter which monitor you are using? What about your SSD internal storage? So many questions, so we went straight to the source and asked Larry.

As usual, he has the answers!

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In This Episode

* 00:11 - Cirina introduces Larry O’Connor, CEO, and founder of Other World Computing.* 03:56 - Larry explains how to start choosing your machine based on the memory variant.* 07:31 - Larry explains how the Accelsior card works with the Mac Pro.* 12:03 - Larry tells the story of when they built an SSD designed for RAIDS with no need for TRIM.* 16:27 - Larry shares how to save money and get quality products by upgrading your Mac Pro with OWC products.* 20:57 - Larry recommends graphic cards based on specific working requirements and tips in buying the products.* 24:55 - Larry shares how they create products based on people’s challenges and pain points.* 29:19 - Larry shares the transition of TLC to QLC.* 34:54 - Larry shares the benefits of investing in high-performance flash memory.* 41:08 - Visit or to check out reliable quality products.

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Okay, we are rolling. This is Cirina Catania with OWC Radio. I have Mr. OWC on the line, Larry O'Connor, the CEO, and founder of Other World Computing. We got a lot to talk about today. Don't we, Larry?

Yeah, we always do, always lots going on in the world of technology.

Yeah, there is. So I wanted to talk to you because I'm getting a lot of questions about configuring the new Mac Pro. And I know that OWC has solutions that can help us get more of what we need for less money than we can get on the Apple Store. And as much as I love Apple, I do trust OWC's memories, so I thought maybe we could take a minute and go through what a customer would need to know when they're buying the Mac Pro and how OWC can help with all that. How about that?

In the Apple Store, you're going to pay a big premium, but I would never, certainly not today, question Apple's quality. Aftermarket, there's a lot of variabilities, and I would argue a lot more risk in that department. And now, we're glad to be certainly certified with all of our products with extensive testing and actual ownership of machines to ensure ongoing quality when it comes to memory. For memory,
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Configuring the New Mac Pro, With Larry O’Connor

Configuring the New Mac Pro, With Larry O’Connor

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