DiscoverYoung Smart MoneyConfronting Financial Wolf | How He Made $60,000 Before 18
Confronting Financial Wolf | How He Made $60,000 Before 18

Confronting Financial Wolf | How He Made $60,000 Before 18

Update: 2020-12-28


The Financial Wolf is one of the fastest growing YouTube creators in the make money online niche at only 18 years old. Today we are sitting down with Will a.k.a The Financial Wolf to talk YouTube growth, side hustle ideas, and the future of his YouTube channel. Enjoy!

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Will's YouTube channel blew up last year when a video called "I Sold Candy At School For 1 Week" got almost 1 million views. Since this video took off, Will has doubled down on his YouTube channel while still being in high school and has been able to scale his channel to over 60,000 subscribers.

At the same time, he has continued to try out different methods of making money for teenagers beyond selling candy at school. Financial Wolf has had success with Shopify dropshipping, reselling, vending machines, and a host of other side hustles.

While pursuing these make money strategies for teenagers, Will has been able to make over $60,000 before turning 18 and document the entire process on his YouTube channel, Financial Wolf.

Teenagers and other students have been drawn to how real Will is in sharing the ups and downs of his different side hustles and being a genuine and relatable teenager himself.

In this podcast interview, Will shares how he was able to make money as a teenager and grow his YouTube channel so quickly. He also breaks down why he succeeded in some businesses like dropshipping, but failed in others like running a social media marketing agency.



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0:00 Intro

0:33 The Financial Wolf and Dave Ramsey

1:45 Making $2k Per Month At 15

5:50 Struggles & Failure

9:55 Vending Machines

12:35 The Financial Wolf YouTube Channel

20:05 Selling Candy At School

22:00 Goals & Future Plans

26:00 Financial Wolf's Income Streams

28:00 Question From  @Jake Carlini 

33:00 What Makes The Financial Wolf Special

36:30 Who FInancial Wolf Looks Up To

39:00 Words Of Wisdom

39:34 Outro









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Confronting Financial Wolf | How He Made $60,000 Before 18

Confronting Financial Wolf | How He Made $60,000 Before 18

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