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Confronting a Pandemic

Confronting a Pandemic

Update: 2020-03-12148


Global health officials have praised China and South Korea for the success of their efforts to contain the coronavirus. What are those countries getting right — and what can everyone else learn from them?

Guest: Donald G. McNeil Jr., a science and health reporter for The New York Times. For more information on today’s episode, visit

Background reading:

  • While world leaders are finally speaking out about the gravity of the pandemic, their response lacks unity with the United States absent from its traditional conductor role in managing global crises.
  • Stocks tanked again as the outbreak was officially declared a pandemic and policies to address its impact proved lacking or ineffective.
  • All flights to the U.S. have been suspended from Europe. Many schools announced they would close indefinitely, some nursing homes banned visitors, and workplaces across the country have urged their employees to work from home. Here are the latest updates.
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Vincent Z

I'm a fan of this show, but a bit disappointed that they neglected to address the fact that the vastly different patterns of spread of the virus. Containment the way it was achieved by China and South Korea is utopic, where the virus originated from a more or less single source. We are discovering that transmission is much more complicated than just person to person contact, and hence the challenge now is to ensure that healthcare systems are being managed and staffed to be able to continue functioning in the face of large numbers of sick people.....

Mar 13th

Shari Lynn

It doesn't help that we have an incompetent former casino owner with a string of bankruptcies as leader of the federal government. His speech last night was a joke. Dr. Fauci is right, it's going to get worse. God help us

Mar 12th
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Ty Judd

Well let's look back durring H1N1 Obama waited till almost 1 Million people infected & 1000 DEAD to even say anything about it, Trump 1st confirmed Death immediately started Action & even before the 1st American Death instituted a Travel ban out of China for 35 days. The WHO isnt a Serious Health Organization as they Coward to "PC culture" on MANY topics of health. The CDC has been doing a great job on their end. The NY Times is a Trash Rag Liberal Propaganda outlet NOT a real Journalism source. #News #HuwanVirus

Mar 12th
Reply (8)

Tanya Martin

um kinda scared

Mar 12th

Jon G. Aichs

Soon as you announced from new york times you lost me.....

Mar 12th
Reply (3)

Roberta Augustini

what about the fact that you are contagious within 3 day's of infection with no symptoms? the person sitting within SIX Feet of you can spread it by breathing.

Mar 12th
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Confronting a Pandemic

Confronting a Pandemic

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