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Connecting The Blanks With UNSCORED

Connecting The Blanks With UNSCORED

Update: 2022-11-29


To pigeonhole Melbourne outfit Unscored into one set genre would be worse than difficult.
It would almost be criminal.
With a musical disparity that belies their youth, these four high school friends are refreshingly yet to be tainted by the expectations of the music world at large.
Instead they are still encompassed in their own sonic bubble where anything is possible; a place where music dictates direction and expectation fades quickly into the background.
After introducing the world to their craft with Cowboy and Static in 2021, Unscored are now preparing to unleash Big Fkn Aorta, a track which is lifted from next years debut album Amorphis.
Accompanied by an even more eclectic music video, Big Fkn Aorta is an amalgamation of everything and nothing, highlighting a band in their infancy with nothing to prove and everything to gain.
Daniel (guitar), Carter (bass) and Harry (vocals, guitar) sat down for a chat with HEAVY to strip back the layers of Big Fkn Aorta and things to come.
"It's a song that was written in the first lock down," Harry began. "I feel like it's quite accurate of that because it's a bit of a suffocating type of song. It's loud, like a massive wall of sound. We wanted to go with something that was a bit unsettling, that's kind of the vibe of the song. The music video really captures that as well."
"We really tried to go for the contrast of loud and soft, melodic base with crunchy guitars and wavey vocals and get a sense of contrast musically through the whole song," Carter added.
In the full interview, the boys run us through Big Fkn Aorta in more detail, disect the awesomely creepy music video, discuss the lyrical content, the rest of their debut album and how this song reflects the overall sound, why they chose it to represent the album, this weekend's launch party at Whole Lotta Love and more.








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Connecting The Blanks With UNSCORED

Connecting The Blanks With UNSCORED

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