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Consciously Creating Your Career Path

Consciously Creating Your Career Path

Update: 2020-08-19


Current events have left many people wondering what is next? For most people, they look for signs and opportunities to guide them to next steps, but they end up procrastinating and feeling frustrated that nothing is changing.
In this episode we will talk about how to consciously create your career path. This is for you if you are already successful but feel stuck in an unfulfilling career or job.  Whether or not you know what you want or are afraid to really do what you love because you think you will fail at something new, this will inspire you to see opportunities and take bold action to go for an extraordinary career and life.
 We will explain:

  •  Why most people settle for shadow careers that make them feel trapped in life.
  •  How to begin to discover what is your true career path that matches your true self.
  •  How life coach training can help you understand yourself and help others in a meaningful way and aligns with your passions and interests.
  •  Why NOW is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and your career to finally do something that fills your soul.

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Consciously Creating Your Career Path

Consciously Creating Your Career Path

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