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Controlling Britney Spears

Controlling Britney Spears

Update: 2021-09-299


Britney Spears is one of the biggest celebrities on the planet — she makes millions of dollars performing, selling perfumes and appearing on television. At the same time, however, her life is heavily controlled by a conservatorship, which she has been living under for 13 years. 

Soon, a court will decide whether to remove Mr. Spears as conservator or terminate the conservatorship altogether. 

We explore the details of Ms. Spears’s conservatorship, the security apparatus that has surrounded it and its future. 

Guest: Liz Day, a reporter and supervising producer for the documentary television show, “The New York Times Presents.” 

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Background reading: 

  • A former employee of the security team hired by Ms. Spears’s father gave the most detailed account yet of the singer’s life under 13 years of conservatorship.

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Emma Hill

I can't believe it has taken 'The Daily' this long to cover the Britney Spears saga. This shocking story of coercive control, domination and a clear violation of human rights, sits in the hands of middle-aged men and courts who allowed this to continue for as long as it did. I'm disappointed to see you guys arrive at this story so late.

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Controlling Britney Spears

Controlling Britney Spears

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