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Controlling The Thunder With ABREACT

Controlling The Thunder With ABREACT

Update: 2022-09-30


Some things in life are simply worth the wait, and once that wait is finally over we then have the rest of our lives to bask in and enjoy the fruits of the tireless musical works and efforts that come our way.
On this occasion being represented with a super slick recording by Abreact that has been perfectly packaged for all to enjoy.... and crank extremely loud!
You see, Central Victoria's hardcore metal quintet Abreact just dropped their second full length album entitled Deceivers are Coming, and it straight up belts and enriches one's love of heavy and downright catchy tunes in a single heartbeat then proceeds to double down repeatedly over and over.
Existing fans of Abreact simply know.
For people who are yet to discover Abreact, do the thing, and thank me later. But more importantly, study this album. Whilst knocking on the door to your soul it will also leave you uplifted, and as you listen again and again, little gold nuggets become clearer upon each listen.
Have a listen to the full interview to discover what Lee aka Chad (guitar/ backing vocals) and Josh (vocals) had to say about the processes on creating Deceivers are Coming, the hurdles they jumped and the honor they paid (in full) to past members of the band. It is a special interview about a special and important Australian music release, so check it out Heavy heads!








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Controlling The Thunder With ABREACT

Controlling The Thunder With ABREACT

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