DiscoverLife Designer with Jingyu ChenConversation with HK Cross-Border Lawyer Sherman_mommy
Conversation with HK Cross-Border Lawyer Sherman_mommy

Conversation with HK Cross-Border Lawyer Sherman_mommy

Update: 2021-07-18


In today’s episode, Sherman_mommy shared her life-transformation story from self-focus only to loving others. Living in a fast-paced and stressful place like HK, She was once a ‘selfish person’ ( as she described herself) who just aimed at being more competitive at work  and getting better herself. As the biggest turning point of her life, becoming a Mum gave her the new power which not only enables her to take responsibility of new life but also to take care of others (Teammates, Clients, etc.,).  She experienced similar concerns, self-doubt, and hesitation just like any other Mums before having this baby, but turns out being a Mum makes her so much happier than ever. 

The mindset shift from receiving to giving also impacts other aspects of her life positively. She is even more thriving at her career development as she is more carefully treating every case and nurturing each client of her. As she said, self-growth is a life-long dynamic journey transcends age limit. Now she is at the stage of advocating for using women’s power to breed love as she believes loving others is the underlying drive to fulfill self-value and gain happiness. I am truly related to that point . I  believe that Loving others means being brave, responsible, and giving while risks are being rejected, hurt, and disappointed. Even so, I feel  seeking deep human connection is approval of living this only one life with utmost effort.  She also addressed life-choice is very personal which can’t be copied/ Pasted.

She also shared her parenting insights through her practice and studying in this area. She particularly pointed out she wants to help her baby develop some hobbies for its own sake, not for its potential fame. Having life hobbies not just for babies but also for ourselves is extremely important for our life-long well-being. We could still create a meaningful and fulfilling life with hobbies as accompanies, when the essence of life is boring.

We further dug into topics such as ' time management skills'  ‘ consumerism’ ‘ how to live an authentic life’, etc.,  She found she is happier than many people she met in HK who only focus on glory moments and are overwhelmed by the pressure of exceptionality. However, those people often ignore those ordinary days spent on preparing for the glory moments. Essentially, she believes we should improve our ability to sense joy in our ordinary life which can be sustainable instead of pursuing happiness which is a transient moment.  She is strongly open to the beauty of being ordinary as she believes embracing ordinary life is the best way to reach exceptionality: For most people, when given ordinary opportunities and encouragement, a truly exceptional talent will surface.
Thanks for listening to my podcast today. See you next time!

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Conversation with HK Cross-Border Lawyer Sherman_mommy

Conversation with HK Cross-Border Lawyer Sherman_mommy

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