DiscoverThe Angles of Lattitude Podcast: Learn from the Successes of the Creatively Self EmployedCorbett Barr – The Story Behind – The Basecamp for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur (AoL 150)
Corbett Barr – The Story Behind – The Basecamp for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur (AoL 150)

Corbett Barr – The Story Behind – The Basecamp for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur (AoL 150)

Update: 2019-06-06


If you've been following the show for awhile, you're probably aware that I'm a big fan of Fizzle. Personally, I think they're one of the best resources I've seen out there for the lifestyle entrepreneur.Why?Well, there's a couple of reasons for that. For one, their library of courses available to their members are geared for those who need an Entrepreneurship 101 or 201 course. They cover all the fundamentals.But that's not all that's there.In fact, the creators joke with the idea that people come for the courses, but stay for the community.Which is so true. In fact, I'm still interacting with several people I met on there 4 years ago. Including Veronica.In today's interview with co-founder of Fizzle, Corbett Barr, Veronica and I talk to Corbett about the founding of Fizzle and what he thinks about the online entrepreneurial space 10 years after he started his first blog Think Traffic.It's my hope that you get a bit of an understanding of why Veronica and I both believe Fizzle is such a great resource.Enjoy!


How did Corbett originally get started in the tech startup world? 9:11What was his initial plan in starting Think Traffic? 17:29How have things changed online since the start of Fizzle? 22:24Where did the idea for Fizzle come from? 28:51What kind of advice does Corbett have for those who want to get off the fence and develop the business they truly want? 36:23What's the future for Fizzle and Palapa look like? 41:37Who are three influences that have helped him get to where he's at today? 47:20Is there something he's excited about that's going to affect entrepreneurship in the future? 49:06What topic should more people be talking about yet hardly anyone is? 50:54What is something Corbett believed as a 35 year old that he's changed his mind on? 52:41What does it mean to live a life of abundance? 54:53


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Corbett Barr – The Story Behind – The Basecamp for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur (AoL 150)

Corbett Barr – The Story Behind – The Basecamp for the Lifestyle Entrepreneur (AoL 150)

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