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Corey Rich on Seizing the Moment

Corey Rich on Seizing the Moment

Update: 2019-10-161


This week’s conversation is with Corey Rich, a director and photographer.

Corey has built a life and career around his passions for travel, adventure, and telling stories with his camera.

With a background in rock climbing and photojournalism, Corey’s work spans a range of genres, from iconic still imagery for leading editorial publications, to television spots and films, to directing high-production-value commercial projects for Fortune 100 companies.

Corey recently released “Stories Behind the Images,” a photo essay book about his reflections on becoming a master photographer, working with high profile subjects including Tommy Caldwell, Bear Grylls, Kelly Slater, Ashima Shiraishi, and Alex Honnold.

He was the official photographer for Tommy Caldwell’s The Dawn Wall film and his image of Tommy on the cover of his Stories book was a Time Magazine cover image.

This conversation though, isn’t just about what makes a great photo – it’s about Corey’s process for making the most of opportunities – and – his presence of mind, his ability to string together moments.

And while Corey loves what he does, it doesn’t come without a cost. There are serious risks associated with his craft.

In Corey’s words: The irony of the mountains, of climbing and adventure sports, is that it can give us so much. The greatest joys in my life have been in the mountains, have been in these rad, wild adventures but those same mountains can take it all away instantly.

There is much to learn from people who push right up against that edge.


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Corey Rich on Seizing the Moment

Corey Rich on Seizing the Moment