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Coroner's Serinda Swan

Coroner's Serinda Swan

Update: 2021-02-02


Like every actor on every series these days, Serinda Swan, who plays Jenny Cooper on Coroner, wore masks, shields and "bunny suits" in order to safely shoot scenes through this pandemic. 

COVID is very much part of the storyline this season, which starts with an investigation of a Long Term Care facility. Did the fact all the actors had to gear up as a matter of course help her get into character? 

"The physical toll creates a special awareness and an empathy for people who are doing this for the rest of us every single day," says the East Vancouver native.

Swan talks about having done her own share of "car crying" the past 10 or 11 months. "You can see it in people's eyes," she says. "There are a lot of emotions hidden behind masks."
This podcast, therefore, leans into the funny where we can. Like the time she accidentally ate a chocolate or two spiked with a little something extra.

That came up because Jenny Cooper unknowingly devours a Marijuana-laced brownie in one of the new season's lighter moments. Swan says she had to gobble down14 regular brownies in order to get the scene covered from six different set ups. She hasn't eaten a brownie since. She may never again.

The chocolate she ate by mistake after not landing a part in a Star Trek movie. You'll have to listen to the podcast to find out how that all turned out.









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Coroner's Serinda Swan

Coroner's Serinda Swan

Serinda Swan