DiscoverGirlTrek's Black History BootcampCosmonauts | Day 13 | Lorraine Hansberry
Cosmonauts | Day 13 | Lorraine Hansberry

Cosmonauts | Day 13 | Lorraine Hansberry

Update: 2021-03-181


“She made it rain on grassroots integrationists in the South while giving the Kennedy brothers a tongue-lashing for their failure to protect the region’s African-Americans. She inspired a Nina Simone song. She was clocked by the Feds. She wore pearl earrings. She gave a generation of Black actors the roles that would define their careers. She bedded white people years before miscegenation was legalized. She pissed off American theater. She pissed off American theater critics. She named her home in upstate New York Chitterling Heights. Years before Stonewall, she penned letters of solidarity to the early lesbian publication The Ladder. She had a mean sense of humor that continues to defy the “serious activist” stereotype. She didn’t stop until her body made her stop.”  - Excerpt by Fonesca. Review of Sighted Eyes/Feeling Heart

Every aspect of Lorraine Hansberry’s life was fascinating, full of intrigue, and worthy of exploration. There is so much to talk about on today’s walk. Get ready to laugh, gasp, shout, and more as we honor the women who told the world there is nothing better than being young, gifted, and Black.

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Yesssss Miss Lorraine!!! Thank you Girl Trek xoxoxo

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Cosmonauts | Day 13 | Lorraine Hansberry

Cosmonauts | Day 13 | Lorraine Hansberry

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