DiscoverGirlTrek's Black History BootcampCosmonauts | Day 14 | Mary Bowser
Cosmonauts | Day 14 | Mary Bowser

Cosmonauts | Day 14 | Mary Bowser

Update: 2021-03-191


This is the greatest spy story never told. The story of Mary Bowser, a formerly enslaved woman turned Union spy, who helped take down the confederacy before teaching at a school for free Black children. Then she disappeared off into the sunset. James Bond who?

While made-up stories of white male valor and heroism dominate box offices and take up space on every channel, real stories of real heroes, like Mary Bowser, go untold. Until today!

Today’s walk is dedicated to a woman whose name everyone should know. A woman so savvy and effective at her job as a spy that Confederate President Jefferson Davis complained that his mental state was collapsing under the strain of not being able to find the leak in his network. The story runs deep and serves as a testament to the bravery and courage of Black women. Women, who for centuries, have risked it all for the freedom of their people. Come to the Walk and Talk with anticipation. We’re spilling all the goods on this wartime hero.

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Cosmonauts | Day 14 | Mary Bowser

Cosmonauts | Day 14 | Mary Bowser

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