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Cracking The Beauty Code with Dr. Keira Barr MD

Cracking The Beauty Code with Dr. Keira Barr MD

Update: 2020-04-26


What does it mean to crack the beauty code? How does it look when we look after our skin, body, mind and spirit? When do we really need to pay attention to what our skin is telling us? Does leaky gut impact our skin?

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Feeling comfortable is not just about what's on our skin, it's also what's happening beneath it, and Dr. Keira Barr can relate to both. In fact for her, it was what was on her skin that created challenges with her being uncomfortable in who she was beneath her skin... Learn about her full story in this podcast episode!

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As a Board Certified Aesthetic Nurse Specialist since 2011 with over 18,000 rejuvenation treatments performed on thousands of patients. I offer guidance through education on skin, rejuvenation practices/treatments, and achieving overall wellness in the areas of spirit, mind, body and beauty.

Expertise in advanced anti-aging treatments including: Medical Grade Skin Care and Consultations Laser Treatments for brown spots, acne scarring, and skin tightening Facial Injectables Body Sculpting ...and so much more!

Thank you so much for tuning in and I'm sure you learned lots!

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Cracking The Beauty Code with Dr. Keira Barr MD

Cracking The Beauty Code with Dr. Keira Barr MD