DiscoverWho Ya Know ShowPandemic Passion And Purpose w/ Craig Siegel | Part 2
Pandemic Passion And Purpose w/ Craig Siegel | Part 2

Pandemic Passion And Purpose w/ Craig Siegel | Part 2

Update: 2022-01-13


Craig Siegel is a Performance Coach, Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Online brand exploder & the Host of the record-breaking podcast, The CLS Experience, as featured in Entrepreneur, MSN & Yahoo Finance. When the pandemic happened, Craig left his lucrative & stable job on Wall Street and went all in with his passion and purpose to help people revamp their mindset & alter their perspective. He combined that with his Entrepreneurial spirit & he began what the world would now know as Cultivate Lasting Symphony (CLS), a multi 6-figure juggernaut & movement that has resonated all across the globe.

What you will learn:

- Craig’s podcast ‘The CLS Experience’
- Things that helped his podcast reach high levels of success
- The story behind the name Cultivate Lasting Symphony
- How to get confidence on command
- Taking messy action and showing up
- Dictating your inner experience
- Craig’s toolkit
- His coaching program ‘Project Moonshot’
- The importance of journaling

Mic Drop Moments

🎤Craig at (03:38 ) - In the beginning I’m trying to make a name for myself and make an impact most importantly. At first it was tough to get big names. But you stay persistent. You always back it up with good content. You gotta have good content. That’s a good full time job in itself. So a couple of celebrities said yes then all of a sudden another one said yes. Now it’s a cool thing to be on the show. Now they are reaching out to us for exposure. So It goes just to show you how much can change in just a year’s time if you stick to the vision and you commit.

🎤Craig at (05:08 ) - My top three guests that I wanted to have on the show. I didn't give myself a time frame because I understand things take time. Ultimately I wanted to have The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ed Mylett on. And we crossed off the list by the way.

🎤Craig at (08:40 ) - Confidence is a skill that can be developed and when you start to feel confident, you start to feel worthy. So I always like to say this to the audience and to a lot of my clients whenever they feel like that. I say three words “Why not you?”

🎤Craig at (13:45 ) - You’re never gonna regret showing up and not performing your best but you will absolutely regret not showing up. Taking messy action is good as long as you take action in the first place.

🎤Mark at (14:08 ) - Nobody is going to take action on you if you are not going to take action on yourself.

🎤Trevor at (14:40 ) - There is no such thing as perfect. Stop trying to reach perfection. There is no perfect y’all. Look at this. We spend thousands of dollars on all this stuff and still mistakes happen. So quit expecting it to be perfect and just take action like you’re talking about. It’s not gonna be perfect ever.

🎤Craig at (16:28 ) - We have control of how we want to choose our thinking. Positive thoughts, empowering thoughts. This creates brand new unbelievable abundant beliefs and essentially that creates whole new results and a whole new life for ourselves. So that is what I mean by inner experience. The inner work creates the outer work.

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Pandemic Passion And Purpose w/ Craig Siegel | Part 2

Pandemic Passion And Purpose w/ Craig Siegel | Part 2

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