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Creating A Tapestry Full Of Memories

Creating A Tapestry Full Of Memories

Update: 2021-05-06


Gillian Seale is known as a story tailor, who designs illustrations, not clothes and stitches together words and ideas, not pieces of material, to create a tapestry of memories through her stories. The idea is similar to memory boxes, but in the unique form of a fictional literature legacy. She had the vision to set up Tailored Yarn, for the purpose of preserving memories while bringing comfort and healing to children who have suffered the loss of a loved one.

Her first book “Postpixie Missing in Action” was inspired by a close friend who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of eleven. The main character shares similar values, skills and interests with her friend who was a dietitian and who has always enjoyed baking. It was her suggestion that the book should be about empathy, confidence and perseverance as well as how much we should all support and depend on one another, in a world teaching us to strive for our independence.

It was at that moment while working on the project Gillian discovered how much she thoroughly enjoyed the process of writing and illustrating stories.

Tailored Yarn is the first Community Interest Company (not for profit) of its kind to write and illustrate beautiful bespoke memory books for children facing grief and bereavement.

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Creating A Tapestry Full Of Memories

Creating A Tapestry Full Of Memories

Kimberly McLemore