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Creating Positive Work Culture

Creating Positive Work Culture

Update: 2020-01-135


We hear from a lot of listeners about the disconnect between their corporate culture and what the company SAYS their culture is.  

For example, we recently had a caller named Carly who said her managers ruled by shame and fear but their corporate values called for them to be “Courgeously Forthright,” which would be hilarious if it weren’t so hard on people.  

So when we got an email from a company named Tuthill about how they were shaping their culture, it got our attention. Chad Gabriel is Tuthill’s “Sherpa of Purpose” and he’s the host/narrator of the docu-series The Search For Aliveness. Today, Chad shares how being an actual human at the office can be good for everyone on the team.

Then Liz and Rico analyze a clip from the NBC sitcom, “Superstore.” And discuss what that show says about giving feedback to employees. 

And later, we read a letter from a listener who’s having a hard time getting hired because of the stigma that comes with being a military spouse. For some advice from a person who’s been there, Liz and Rico turn to Erin of the blog, “The Deployment Diatribes.” Erin talks about her own experience being a military spouse and gives some tips on how to land a job, even if you have to move around a lot in service of your country. One of the resources Erin recommends is My Career Advancement Account

And last but not least we’ll hear from listener Catherine, all the way in New Zealand! Catherine is looking to make a career change and wants to know if she’s on the right path to take the leap.

As always, if you've got a burning workplace question and need some advice, don't hesitate to send us an email (that email, unsurprisingly, is also You can also find us on Twitter, we’re @SafeFor Work. Don't forget to follow our sage hosts on Twitter, too; they're @SSLiz and @RicoGagliano. And if you want to check out Liz’s other show, Satellite Sisters, you can find it on Apple Podcasts or Art19.









Creating Positive Work Culture

Creating Positive Work Culture