DiscoverCREATIVE POIS-ON PODCASTCreative Briefing - 'On Stage' - March 2020
Creative Briefing - 'On Stage' - March 2020

Creative Briefing - 'On Stage' - March 2020

Update: 2020-03-11


Welcome to the 'Creative Pois-On Podcast' Season 2 dedicated to the art of storytelling. This March we are ‘ON STAGE’ exploring the storytelling of the world of entertainment, and also of all of the passion, the courage and the fearlessness that it takes to go on the stage of our own life, conquering the demons of any stage fright, to live as the protagonists of the most truthful idea that we have of ourselves.

Any creative process, whether it is writing a book, painting a picture, bringing to life a character, bringing to life our own identity or presenting business ideas, is followed by a critical moment, before stepping into a stage, that is filled with trepidation, but also with fear and anxiety, and adrenaline, that we can either channel into pure energy that sustains us on stage, or that overwhelms us and make us want to run away and go hide with our insecurities. A second before the debut.

Artistic Directors Tommaso Cartia and Daniela Pavan discuss the topics of the month and present the setlist of the special guests that will join the conversation in the upcoming episodes. Like Actress and Singer Kayla Davion from Tina: The Tina Turner Musical on Broadway; International Singer-Songwriter Alessandra Salerno ; Author Erica Jong; Broadway Playwright, Dramaturg and Director Marco Calvani , among others. High-end personalities and professionals from the world of entertainment will discuss their relationship with the stage and the concept of 'stage fright' both on the podcast series and on the Creative Pois-On editorial project 'The Storytelier', that has recently welcomed some new gifted authors – Writer and Playwright David James Parr, Journalist and Writer Sabrina Wirth and Writer and Journalist Pamela Fernandes. Check it out on

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Creative Briefing - 'On Stage' - March 2020

Creative Briefing - 'On Stage' - March 2020

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